If you’re looking for a child friendly, all year-round activity that can be done from your own backyard then trampolining is a great option. We are a family run company who specialise in all things concerned with trampolines, their parts and accessories. We’ve been in the industry for a while now so are starting to incorporate the next generation who bring their own fresh perspective. 

Outlook is everything to us as we’re on a constant mission to improve our products and services. We aim to be as accessible as possible which is why you can buy an 8ft trampoline wherever you are in Australia. Read More

Who and What is an 8ft Trampoline Good for? 

We class an 8ft as a small trampoline and so it is brilliant for young jumpers. Also, they: 

  • Don’t take up too much room
  • Are a wonderful source of exercise
  • Can become a lovely hobby
  • Help to spark an interest 
  • Kickstart a journey towards professional trampolining, tumbling, gymnastics and other such talents
  • Are a part of many fun-filled times with family or friends

It’s easy and hassle-free to assemble with all the instructions provided. The trampoline is constructed with a strong steel frame, UV resistant materials and smart bounce technology to not only secure longevity but to help have some seriously high-quality jumping time. A trampoline is simply an excellent garden staple that can really add elements of togetherness, energy, pure joy and happiness. We’ve seen the positive effects of this equipment as trampolines have always been a huge part of our own family’s life and we couldn’t imagine not having them around. We’re so fortunate to have such amazing backyard spaces in our stunning country so why not fully take advantage of this space by inserting an item that is bound to bring laughter and delight? 

The Best 8ft Trampolines Await You 

We have our very own brand Geetramp which customers love as well as other reputable brands such as Vuly and Plum. You can see them all on our website and contact us directly if you’d like more information about a specific 8ft trampoline.  We will really listen to your needs and even though the larger options can offer more diverse benefits, if the 8ft is what’s truly best for your current situation then we’ll help you to choose the most suitable for you. That’s what we do at Web and Warehouse- we’ll never pull the wool over your eyes and instead, will provide you with exactly what you ask for. 

If you need any further details or even just want to chat with us about our fabulous trampolines, then we’d be delighted to hear from you. There’s a variety of ways to get in touch. You could call us on 03 5292 1100, email us at info.webandwarehouse.com.au or leave us a message on our contact us page. Remember to find us on social media as well for all our latest information and to see our trampolines spring to life. 

We also specialise in 12ft trampolines, 14ft trampolines, 10ft trampolines, accessories & parts. If you are near to one of our depots in Geelong, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra or Brisbane, you are more than welcome to come and collect your order yourself or instruct a courier to do so on your behalf.

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