Covid-19- Feb 2021 Sydney Stock Arrival Update 

Web and Warehouse have for the past four years run successfully a supply of GeeTramp trampolines in Sydney. However things aren't going as smoothly as we would like, have planned for or want in 2020/2021

Getting any of our stock has been difficult.

As I write this in Feb 2021 we have just added 8x12ft into the warehouse for delivery or collection. There will be only two sizes 8x12ft and 9x14ft available in Sydney. All other trampoline sizes and inground trampolines are available from Geelong Victoria and can be shipped up for delivery to your door.

Click on the link to learn more on freight times and to see where in Sydney you can view and test a GeeTramp 

Pickup or Delivery ?

To collect your trampoline, you won’t exactly go to a trampoline shop in Sydney but to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) supply warehouse where the stock is held until purchased and then released for customers to collect in Casula or for delivery in and around Sydney Metro and regional NSW

Pickup is available in Sydney from Casula for all the trampolines on this page– a 3PL depot where there is no testing or showcase of the products is available but easy access to for pickup for many Sydney local families and the rest benefit from cheaper freight out of Casula, NSW over Geelong in Vic.

If you are time-strapped and need one today. Give us a call as sometimes we can push orders through for same day pickup. (mainly in the quiter months of the year - (April to September) We can often work in with the depot and our customers enough to avoid the same day pickup fee . (not possible in November and December) Read More

All the trampolines on this page are here and connected to this page because there’s stock available of each one right now sitting in Casula Sydney. Normally we do stock in Sydney all our signature branded GeeTramp Rectangle Trampolines, of five sizes with or without net enclosures, and added options of, galvanized or black powder coated frame, standard or high bounce mat, and regular or Australian Springs.

It doesn’t matter what you’re shopping for, most of us would love to get the best of everything every time we buy. However, when it comes to some specialty products such as trampolines, you really can’t sacrifice quality in favor of a lower price. The reality is that you will be disappointed by the results and will inevitably have to reinvest again in a year or two when the product you bought gives way to either use or the harsh Australian climate.

Those looking to buy a trampoline in Sydney need look no further. Here at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, we stock and supply the best trampolines available to the Australian market. We can back this claim up with the fact that all our products, each and everyone, has been tested, passed and certified for the Australian market, in accordance with the 2015 Australian Standards (AS 4989:2015).

Trampolines have been a part of our family for decades and over the past ten years, we have brought our extensive knowledge and research in this area to shoppers that want access to trampolines that not only deliver a responsive, quality bounce but are also strong, durable and safe.

A Vast Range of Trampolines for Sale From the Leading Brands

In terms of what you will find here at Web and Warehouse, those who make the journey to our store in Geelong will find the largest interactive trampoline display in Australia that is ready for you to test. For those that are too far away to make the journey, here on the site you will find our range of round and rectangle trampolines.

We don’t want to burden you with sales talk, so if you are interested in finding a trampoline that will meet your specific needs, our door, phone lines, and online service are open and we are ready and willing to help you determine exactly which of our exceptional products will meet your needs.

At Web and Warehouse, we offer a vast range of trampolines from the two leading brands in the industry, GeeTramp, and Vuly, and we offer 5-year warranties on all of our products, to give our customers that extra peace of mind. We want you to feel certain that you are getting a trampoline that will stand the test of time and has been designed and built to serve your needs, both in terms of performance and safety.

While we are based in Geelong, delivery is available across Australia and we endeavor to process all of our orders within 24-48 business hours of payment being received. (During weekdays this can even be within a couple of hours) Payment is accepted via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and ZipMoney.

Web And Warehouse: High-Quality Trampolines for Sale in Sydney

To date, the team at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store has delivered the joy of a trampoline to hundreds and thousands of families across Australia and New Zealand. Testimonials, reviews, and videos of our trampolines in use can be viewed across our social media channels, and you will get a real sense of the heights you can achieve and spectacular bounce that our trampolines deliver.

There may be trampolines for sale in Sydney that come at a cheaper price, but we guarantee that none will last or bring the kind of bounce to your life that the trampolines here at Web and Warehouse can.

So, get in touch today and let us work with you to find the perfect solution for your backyard. At Web and Warehouse, our commitment is to you.

Seeking out a trampoline with a high consistent bounce and the durability to last for years in all weathers? Look no further than the models available from Web and Warehouse.

With a variety of sizes and finishes available, as well as the choice between round and rectangular designs, you can find the perfect design to suit your needs when you buy a trampoline from this Sydney-based supplier.

All of the products we stock look great and perform perfectly in a range of environments. With everything our designs have to offer, there’s no risk of your child’s love of their trampoline fading.

Round Trampolines

This design is perfect for youngsters of all ages who are looking for a little exercise and loads of backyard fun! With sizes ranging from 4.5 feet to 14 feet in diameter, and with a sturdy safety enclosure and frame padding included for protection and comfort, your family will love this addition to your outdoor space.

You can also choose in-ground designs with no net so as not to obstruct the view. This option is often selected by homeowners who wish to repurpose a pool or pond hole. 

However there are no GeeTramp round trampolines held in Sydney

Rectangle Trampolines

The rectangle trampoline is the perfect choice for young athletes.

From aspiring gtrampers to dancers, divers, parkour enthusiasts, boarders, cheerleaders, gymnasts and tumblers, lovers of sport and physical activity will love these models.

The rectangular trampoline provides the ideal shape to achieve the bounce height and consistency required for tricks, flips and stunts, while its durable enclosure is always on hand to prevent tumbles.

Spare Parts and Accessories

Unlike many other trampoline suppliers, we offer a range of high-quality spare parts for every one of our models, so that any damage or wear and tear can be easily resolved, and you can go back to bouncing safely!

Replacement pads, nets, mats and springs are all available to purchase individually.

You can also add great features to your trampoline - including basketball sets and easy-access ladders. Special skirts and anchors will help to keep the model safe and secure, and you can even keep your kids cool as they jump with a refreshing trampoline mister!

Our Brands

We stock a variety of high-quality trampoline brands at Web And Warehouse, including:

  • GeeTramp - Rectangles in Sydney (Round Trampolines in Geelong only but can be shipped)
  • Vuly - only at the Geelong Warehouse
  • Plum - only at the Geelong Warehouse
  • Mr Trampoline - Only avail on pre order from Geelong

Order and Pick Up Your Trampoline in Sydney, or Request Delivery

You can order trampolines direct from our warehouse and either pick up from one of our depots or arrange for delivery. In many cases, we can ensure it is shipped out by the next business day.

Simply choose your preferred model and size from our range and place an order online today.

The majority of our trampolines come with a standard frame warranty of up to five years, but it’s also possible to purchase an extended warranty for longer cover for your peace of mind.

Wherever you are in Australia, it’s easy to buy a trampoline online with Web and Warehouse. We offer delivery Australia-wide via a trusted courier and aim to ship your order within 24-48 hours. Alternatively, if you are near to one of our depots in Sydney, Geelong, Adelaide or Brisbane, you are more than welcome to come and collect your order yourself or instruct a courier to do so on your behalf.

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