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 19-11-2020   |    
Understanding Trampoline frames and planned obsolescence

There are many trampolines in the Australian market and just to the casual eye they can all appear to be the same. However there are many decerning differences that can be easily overlooked. When it comes to nets and pads it can be a little easier to detect when there is quality materials being used or not, by being able to look, touch and feel. However its knowing about the frame structure - the "bones" that will really direct you if you are looking at a quality trampoline or not... read more

 11-11-2020   |    
10x17ft GeeTramp Trampoline - Why teens love it

A GeeTramp 10x17ft is an Olympic size trampoline and certainly is a statement piece in any garden. It’s desired by many for its internal space that enable the performance of extended tricks and routines. Especially sought out by teenagers interested in Parkour or free running, passionate gtramp flippers, and regulars at trampoline parks. Also larger families tend to find it suitable if they do allow multiple users on at a time. @parkourayce @jessejankulovski @chadyatess @jyemainprize @seb_yusf @declan_crowther.. read more

 10-11-2020   |    
Rectangle Trampolines Adelaide for Christmas

Revised - October 2020 - Covid Update.  (no stock at all in Kidman Park Depot)  It is with regret we advise that for Christmas 2020 we will not have stock in Adelaide as we hoped.It was wonderful at the start of COVID to be able to help so many Adelaide and regional South Australian families quickly by getting their kids a trampoline for keeping up their trampolining and gymnastics skills through lockdown... read more

 09-11-2020   |    
GeeTramp to jump test in Byron Bay - NSW

We were lucky enough to have been invited by the Circus Arts School in Byron Bay as the preferred trampoline sponsor for their trampoline competition.  Afer the event we left one 9x14ft HB/AU setup for use and classes for Circus Arts Australia. .. read more

 09-11-2020   |    
Trampolines  in Brisbane, Queensland with cheaper delivery

Good news for Queenslanders looking to buy a rectangle trampoline online. Normally we have all 5 sizes and most mat and spring combinations of GeeTramp rectangle trampolines held in a Brisbane, Queensland warehouse. The warehouse where they're held is not managed by us but is a 3rd party logistics company (3PL) that is close by the Brisbane Airport, in Pinkenba.Revised Nov 2020Covid has affected us all and although we have been fortunate to trade onward through the pandemic we are struggling with getting stock as easily as we normally do. .. read more

 08-11-2020   |    
Brisbane - GeeTramp Trampoline display- go and see and test

Revised as of November 2020If you are wanting to find GeeTramp Trampolines to test in Brisbane we have a relationship with Flipside Circus. They have gone to a temporary location while waiting on their new venue to be completed sometime mid 2021. So check in around then before going to this address which is current as of November 2020. Flipside Circus Riverfront Event Space at Northshore 33 MacArthur Avenue, Hamilton Q 4007.. read more

 04-11-2020   |    
Sydney Trampoline Shop - Caringbah - Casula - Homebush

Getting any of our stock has been difficult. As I write this in early Nov 2020 and we have stock made and waiting in China to get on a ship to Sydney all is uncertain until we have confirmation that the ship will arrive in Sydney in time for Christmas 2020 for customer collection or delivery. Until then all Sydney orders are being shipped out of Geelong Victoria  -  where we also have very limited range this year. This year we will only have a limited range and quantity of 9x14ft.. read more

Big Trampoline Store Geelong - Avail - Sydney - Adelaide - Brisbane - Melbourne

Web and Warehouse® is a trampoline store, based in Geelong Victoria, that stocks a huge range of round and rectangle trampolines. We'll be sure to have the right trampoline for your family. Purchasing a trampoline can be a daunting task, but our friendly staff are here and ready to help at any stage to ensure you get the perfect trampoline for your family. With, holding depots in Sydney and Brisbane too for our customer's convenience. Due to supply issues Adelaide is closed for 2020... read more

 01-11-2020   |    
GeeTramp 2020 Christmas

On the surface, our Web & Warehouse family has had a good year compared to many others.We have been able to stay open and continue trading on a Click & Collect basis, and have been able to be with our team and family at work.  There are however, so many changes and occurrences still happening outside our direct control. Try as we might, this is a year of little control, and a lot of other “things”. Here we address the Things we have minimal control over in 2020.. read more

 26-10-2020   |    
Trampoline Safety First and Advanced Tricks

Trampolining is an activity which has always proved popular, from the back garden to the Olympic arena. We are drawn to feeling weightless, expelling energy and having fun with friends, bouncing and jumping, always aiming to go that little bit higher.In recent times we’ve seen the rise of ‘Gtramp’ in which people teach themselves how to perform tricks in their own backyards. They don’t have coaches and rely on each other to improve their skills... read more

 07-07-2020   |    
What do businesses look for in a brand ambassador ?

I'm revamping this article to be more current for 2020 as I get many questions referencing why we seek people with a lot of followers, rather than purely focussing on skills. By writing this article I hope to answer that as simply as I can. We are not currently seeking new ambassadors in 2020. We have taken on a significant sponsorship role with Cystic Fibrosis and a school project which from a business and marketing perspective hasn't worked too well in 2020 but we have been supporting Cystic Fibrosis as a charity and families with children with the condition. (Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited life-threatening lung disease which has the sufferers consuming a "bathtub" of pills each year, you can only imagine the extra worry of what Covid-19 brings to these families in 2020).. read more

 07-07-2020   |    
Where are Trampolines Made?

Many of the products bought by Australian consumers are manufactured in China and trampolines are no exception. However, just because a trampoline has been ‘made in China’ it doesn’t mean that it’s of inferior quality. In recent years, thanks to western input regarding quality, designs, and materials, the standard of products has improved and we highly recommend our Australian designed Chinese made trampolines... read more

 30-06-2020   |    
Know when and why to replace the kids trampoline

Whether you invested in a professional standard trampoline or a cheaper option, no doubt it has given you and your family hours of fun and exercise. Perhaps it was just an impulse buy to keep the kids occupied during the summer months or it’s been the apparatus that got the kids started on a gymnastics career. Maybe it’s an old trampoline that you’ve passed down to your kids. There are numerous reasons why you might be looking for information about replacing your family trampoline and there is more to buying a trampoline that kids will use than is first considered. There is also a lot of very slick marketing out there to work your way through too... read more

 30-06-2020   |    
Why trampoline springs break and the need to replace them

We all know that trampolines can be an endless source of fun and they can help to keep you fit into the bargain. However, in the interests of safety and performance, you need to understand how different bouncing styles can impact the wear and longevity of the trampoline springs – especially if you’re using your trampoline as more than just a kid’s toy.Today, trampolines are increasingly being used in ways that weren’t seen in earlier years. While a home trampoline was usually bought as a piece of play equipment to be mainly used by kids for jumping, today it’s increasingly utilized as a piece of sports equipment to enable training at home for athletes of many different sports disciplines... read more

 21-06-2020   |    
Web and Warehouse - Facebook and Instagram Hacked

It’s such a nasty violation when you find out you’ve been hacked on Facebook.First, it was my personal Facebook account, but that then gave way for access to the business accounts. The hackers went deep and racked up a huge credit card debt to boot as well (luckily, we got most of it back).Time is taken in liaising with banks, police reports, insurance has been a huge inconvenience, not to mention the loss of the history of posts, reviews, valuable comments, the strong following of customers, and interested prospective customers.This hurts us very deeply as our business has always revolved around supporting the customers and families... read more

Covid-2020 - How it is affecting trampolines supplies in Australia

We’re sorry that our blogs have been dormant these past few months if you’ve been missing us.We hope you and your family have been keeping well.It really has been an unusual and difficult time at every level; from everyone’s unique personal place, to globally.Everybody has all been affected in ways that we never imagined when we purchased our 2020 Year planners. All plans went out the window very early.We as a family and business have been fortunate in good health, had good business support, and kept well socialized in the workplace with the fab team here... read more

 06-05-2020   |    
5 Best links to help when ordering trampoline spare parts

Trampoline spare parts shopping online can be quite a difficult task especially when the brand is unknown or gone out of business. This article will give you the information required to know what to compare and measure before ordering any spare parts. .. read more

 06-05-2020   |    
Can an in-ground rectangle trampoline be used above ground?

Some things to consider and check before deciding to use an in-ground trampoline with legs as an above-ground or as often referred to "old school" trampoline. .. read more

 19-03-2020   |    
Best Trampolines for small backyard and garden space.

With so many new housing estates popping up across Australia with an evergrowing trend of the house occupying a larger percentage of the land size; the result is, leaving families with small backyards and garden space than ever before. The request for small trampolines is a very common question from families with these small gardens who still want and need a trampoline for their kids... read more

Kmart, Target, Aldi, BigW and sports store trampoline spare parts

Large department stores are known typically across all their products not to support consumers with spare parts - trampolines are no different. Daily we get calls from their customers asking for help for their Target, Kmart, Aldi, Big W etc, trampoline bought 2 years ago or as recent as 5 days ago... read more

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