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How to choose the right trampoline for your family

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Comparing round and rectangle trampolines?

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 21-10-2021   |    
Trampoline health benefits for adults.

Trampolines are truly exercise in disguise for any age. If being on a trampoline can be good for the non sporty kid to get them off screens and being active outside; then the same applies to adults... read more

 29-09-2021   |    
How to eliminate trampoline squeaks from the start

Having a squeaky trampoline can be very annoying. While your kids may not be that aware of the sounds, you will definitely want to avoid a headache each time the children go out to use it. The best way to ensure that you will not have to deal with the sounds is to take measures before putting together your trampoline. Here are some step by step instructions... read more

 08-09-2021   |    
How to choose outdoor play equipment

When it comes to buying play equipment for your kids “Don’t just jump in” and buy just what will fit the space or your budget or even just what looks good. You could with any of those approaches have an unused piece of equipment that the kids don't care to use for the varying reasons listed here. You don't want to disappoint the kids and we don't want you to either... read more

 18-08-2021   |    
Trampolines: Not Just for Christmas!

Trampolines often make fabulous birthday presents or housewarming gifts. The possibilities are endless - just think out of the box. Whatever the occasion, we're sure your fun loving recipient will be delighted.The pandemic has presented its own reasons for families to seek a trampoline. Parents don’t need any other occasion to get one than the need to distract our kids while they’re on a Zoom meeting. Kids need something physical to do while homeschooling, and it doesn’t help that your local sports amenities are probably closed. Many sports clubs have taken to online coaching and have recommended that kids use a trampoline... read more

 15-06-2021   |    
The Nitty Gritty of Trampoline Specifications

When looking to buy a quality trampoline, there’s some information that you must know to ensure that you buy the correct one for you. We believe that the most important things to consider are:  1. The size and shape of the trampoline for optimal user bounce experience  2. The sturdiness of the frame – determined by the gauge thickness of the steel frame for ensuring bounce and overall life of the trampoline... read more

 20-03-2021   |    
Best Quality and Design Trampoline Spring Padding

As the great laws of physics denote, springs are the essence of a trampoline and therefore, it’s vital that they’re properly protected. Moreover, it’s crucial that they have optimally designed and functioning padding. For many fun-filled afternoons that to give you a spring and a bounce in your step, it’s all about that covering. In this post, we’ll delve into what exactly you need to look for when it comes to the best quality and design trampoline spring padding... read more

 09-03-2021   |    

Other than shading you from the sun, there are other reasons why you may want to invest in a cover for your trampoline. We’re going to look at reasons for needing a cover and how you can easily make one yourself... read more

 19-02-2021   |    
How to measure for the best round trampoline padding

If you need to order round trampoline padding for an existing reound trampoline; you will want to make sure that you order the correct size. GeeTramp padding is thick PVC covered foam that sits at the edge of the trampoline and covers the springs. Additionally, there is a netting barrier sewn in that secures to the spring triangles to keep fingers, toes and hair out of the way of the springs... read more

 17-02-2021   |    
How to make a leaf catcher for your trampoline

It’s such a fantastic addition to your trampoline because it’s cheap, easy to construct and clean and it means your trampoline will be leaf free... read more

 04-02-2021   |    
Rectangle Trampoline Net Finder

No more guessing, an easy to follow tool to help you find the correct replacement net for your rectangle trampoline... read more

 04-02-2021   |    
What is a Vuly deck for ?

The Vuly Deck is basically a neatly covered skateboard without the wheels. The material covering the board feels like wetsuit material but is different. The size is the same as a standard skateboard.The upside of the Vuly deck is that for kids that don't have any concrete at home to practice.. read more

 04-02-2021   |    
Checklist - Buy Trampoline Net Online Australia

Many replacement part suppliers, like Web and Warehouse, supply a “standard” net. The safety net is suited to a range of different trampolines, however, even if you are unable to meet the standard checklist for the netting, often, there are ways to enable our nets to suit your round trampoline by then changing to a full net assembly... read more

 02-02-2021   |    
Brisbane GeeTramp Trampolines - Larapinta

Brisbane GeeTramp Trampolines - Larapinta - Depot CollectionsIn recent times we have transitioned to a new Brisbane location for third party logistics (3PL).Our GeeTramp stock is now held by Mainfreight at Larapinta; a South Western Brisbane suburb. .. read more

 22-12-2020   |    
Pre Christmas Eve - Preparations for Trampoline Assembly

As parents, we love to bring the magic of Christmas to our children. We then often find ourselves assembling things like bikes, sand diggers, doll prams, swing sets, cubby houses and on topic; Trampolines, on Christmas eve.The first recommendation is once you decide on the gift - buy it or layby it..... stocks can run short unexpectedly early of colour or size you are after - we all want our first choice for our kids. (most of us, unfortunately, experience the disappointment of not getting it quite right at least once!).. read more

 07-12-2020   |    
10 signs you should recycle your trampoline

We might be in the game of selling trampolines for our living but we are with you in a world of commercialism where we are frustrated by the lack of parts to fix simple things and we strive to save perfectly good trampoline frames, mats and nets from early retirement to landfill... read more

 06-12-2020   |    
Plum Play indoor play kitchens

As a stockist of  Plum® we now have a range of feature rich wooden role play toys, each designed to invite the child into the realm of creative role playing alone or with friends. Deciding what to choose for your child is fun and easy; from wooden play kitchens, action packed activity tables or traditional wooden dolls houses... read more

Trampoline assembly – who can I pay to assemble my trampoline?

Thinking ahead to the trampoline assembly is a good idea before purchasing but if not a consideration until after purchase allow me to offer some options to you. Trampoline assembly isn’t for everyone be it, health or time and other times it is to save ones mind or relationships for those who really hate flat packs items.Before committing and booking anyone to do the assembly be 100% sure you will have the trampoline.. read more

 03-12-2020   |    
Christmas 2020 Trampoline Delivery Deadline Australia

At Christmas most of our customers will be purchasing products in the anticipation that they will be delivered prior to Christmas Day, December 25th - Christmas Day falls on a Friday this year (2020) making Wednesday the 23rd in many areas the last day for receiving deliveries. Requiring the last of the orders to be out of our warehouse on and before a few days to 10 days before then pending destination... read more

 29-11-2020   |    
GeeTramp Force Trampolines in Perth

News has travelled that GeeTramp trampolines are the next best thing for athletes to train on; beside a true competition grade trampoline. GeeTramp really does give your kids "the bouncing edge to jump like a pro". We have a supplier of GeeTramp Force with 3 of the 5 different sizes located in Perth, prices include delivery within Perth Metro region... read more

 19-11-2020   |    
Understanding Trampoline frames and planned obsolescence

There are many trampolines in the Australian market and just to the casual eye they can all appear to be the same. However there are many decerning differences that can be easily overlooked. When it comes to nets and pads it can be a little easier to detect when there is quality materials being used or not, by being able to look, touch and feel. However its knowing about the frame structure - the "bones" that will really direct you if you are looking at a quality trampoline or not... read more

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