At Web and Warehouse, we are committed to getting our customers the best possible trampoline, which means finding them the right one that meets their specific criteria and circumstances. We believe in effective communication and education of our customers so that they know the pros and cons of each product as they apply to what they want. We are absolutely serious in this regard and only want you to invest in something that will last a long time and deliver the results you expect. Read More

Finding the Perfect Trampoline for Sale in Adelaide

Most people will associate a trampoline with their childhood and think of it as something for the kids. However, there are a lot of benefits to trampoline use for adults too.

First of all, fun is always a great antidote to stress. So, at the end of a long day or week, why not climb up on the trampoline and work out all of the negatives of the day? Focusing on your coordination and balance will help you to switch off and before long the endorphins will be up and running and you will be back to feeling good and thinking much more positively.

At Web and Warehouse, we have spent years on trampolines, over four decades of use in our family, and so we understand the positives that go hand-in-hand with this form of exercise. This is a low-impact way to get your cardiovascular system working, which alleviates the pressure on joints and muscles and it is also a great way to detox your body.

Once your circulation kicks into gear this triggers the lymphatic system which eliminates waste from your system. As such, you can expect to cut fat, tone up and feel much healthier, all from bouncing and rebounding on your trampoline. What’s more, using a trampoline is a great way to build strength and in particular increase bone density, which helps stave off conditions like osteoporosis.

Looking for a Quality Trampoline Shop with an Adelaide Depot? Choose Web And Warehouse!

Trampolines are exciting pieces of equipment for the whole family. They’re the ideal option for parents who want to get their youngsters a little fresh air and exercise as well as for individuals who wish to build up their strength, stamina and physical skills for sports.

Of course, it’s important to look for quality when you buy a trampoline. Adelaide is home to the pickup location for leading trampoline distributors, Web And Warehouse, whose products have passed the rigorous 2015 Australian standards with flying colours.

With superior bounce and incredible durability, these products are perfect for trampolinists of any age and skill level. Because they don’t deteriorate like other designs - and because Web And Warehouse have a range of exciting accessories that you can use to upgrade yours - our trampolines are very hard to tire of!

That’s why Web and Warehouse are one of the most popular trampoline shops in Adelaide and across Australia!

Our Brands

We only stock the very best products from top trampoline manufacturers, including GeeTramp, Vuly, Plu and Mr Trampoline.

Our frames come with a five year warranty, but you are welcome to purchase extended cover that lasts a decade.

You can also pick up high-quality replacement or spare parts from our site in order to undertake any repairs that may be required.

Rectangular Trampolines

Popular among athletes and fitness fans, our rectangular models come in sizes ranging from 4 x 4 feet up to 10 x 17 and even 14 x 16 feet!

Their shape and design help to create the perfect high, consistent bounce - making flips and stunts easy to achieve. These designs come with protective enclosures, but you can also opt for in-ground, net free versions.

Many sports and athletic disciplines use trampolining to strengthen muscles, improve balance and improve agility. These include dance, cheerleading, parkour, gymnastics, tumbling, gtramping, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and skateboarding.

Round Trampolines

If you’re just looking for a way for your kids to have fun, burn some energy and get a little exercise in your own backyard, a round trampoline will work perfectly for your needs.

All the designs we stock are wonderfully durable and weather resistant - and you can choose any size from 4.5 feet to 14 feet in diameter.

Again, our models tend to come with protective enclosures - but there is an in-ground, net-free alternative.

Years of Happiness, Fun & Fitness With Your Trampoline

To choose your perfect trampoline, simply browse our range today. Make sure that you know what size you need and check that all of the equipment and accessories you pick are the right ones for your preferred model.

After you’ve selected everything you require, simply head to the checkout. From there, you can choose whether to arrange for your items to be delivered to you or if you wish to collect them from our depot in Kidman Park.

In most cases, we’ll be able to get your trampoline to you within the next full working day.

Here at Web and Warehouse, warranties and delivery options are available when you buy your trampoline. Adelaide residents can rest assured that once we have received payment, the order will be processed within 24-48 hours and dispatched to your home or to save on freight we encourage click and collect purchases, where you can collect your trampoline within 24-48 hours of buying online. The exact pickup address is sent to you after purchase; the depot though is in Kidman Park, Adelaide.

There are countless ways you and your family can exercise, but for the investment made in a trampoline you will have your very own means to a fitter and happier future in your backyard to use as and whenever you wish. A trampoline from Web and Warehouse is an investment in your health and that of your families, and we look forward to helping you choose one that will bring many years of happiness, fun, and fitness. We also have depots with trampolines in 4 major Australian cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Perth & Melbourne to enable our customers to buy trampolines online and pickup within 48 hours or have delivered Australia wide. Call 03 52921100

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Revised - 2021 - Covid Update.

(no stock at all in Kidman Park Depot)

It is with regret we advise that for the forseeable future we will not have stock in Adelaide as we hoped.
It was wonderful at the start of COVID to be able to help so many Adelaide and regional South Australian families quickly by getting their kids a trampoline for keeping up their trampolining and gymnastics skills through lockdown.
However we have struggled to get stock back into Adelaide. In the past we have put mixed containers into the Kidman Park Depot - meaning we have shipped 3-4 different sizes in one 40ft shipping container as the demand for a full container of one size trampoline isn't there. 
With all the changes at the factory and the global demand they were not able to meet this need for us this year.
Our account at the depot in Kidman Park has been closed.

Trampolines from Geelong Vic can be delivered into Adelaide within a week.
Meanwhile delivery to Metro Adelaide isn't too prohibitive and if you live outside the metro region you may find you will save some money by arranging to have your trampoline delivered to someone you know in the metro region. 
If you are able to arrange your own freight cheaper than we do offer we are able to work in with you for packing as your freight company require and with their labels ready.

We are very sorry for any intentions of a trampoline purchase this Christmas you may have been saving and working toward all year for your family - trust me we have really tried to get stock back in Adelaide.

Feel free to call us on 0352921100

Julie and Andrew

How things were before Covid.

Pickup is available in Adelaide from Kidman Park – a 3PL where we are unable to have a product display available but the location is easy to access for pickup for many people and the rest benefit from cheaper freight out of Kidman Park over Geelong.

A trampoline is hardly an everyday item that you buy for your family. Many of our customers learn after having had a cheap trampoline that when buying a trampoline, some specialist knowledge about them is required beyond what friends can share. For many it is a daunting experience, worrying mostly the second time around that the kids will actually like the bounce of it and use it while seeking out a quality product that will last and justify the investment.

Many customers come to us with their kids, often very discerning young shoppers who know they want a rectangle trampoline with bounce. They can be kids who have experienced friends trampolines, seen our trampolines on social media being used by their tumbling, gymnastics, parkour idols etc. Or just know they don't want another department store trampoline.

Here at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, we are the number one choice for those who wish to buy a trampoline in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia and New Zealand for that matter. We have had a number of families travel specifically from Adelaide to our warehouse in Geelong to test and collect their trampoline. Other Adelaide locals have included a trip via Geelong as part of their family holiday to test and choose a trampoline. Delivery from Geelong to Adelaide can be hundreds of dollars so it was because of these traveling families that we decided to expand into Adelaide to save future families the freight to Adelaide.

Our family-run business has supplied the best trampolines available to the Australian market for the last decade. Our customer-centric focus combined with a product range that is entirely approved and certified to the highest standards that Australian customers can expect makes us the go-to people for those that are exploring their options and considering a purchase.

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