Trampoline pickup is available in Brisbane from Larapinta – a third-party logistics company (3PL), although there is no testing or showcase of the product available on site, there is easy access to for pickup for many Brisbane families and many others all around Queensland will benefit from cheaper freight out of Larapinta over Geelong which is where our main office, warehouse, and display is located. Read More

Revised Feb 2021

Currently we can offer two sizes of GeeTramp Force 9x14ft and 8x12ft rectangle trampolines from the Mainfreight 3PL warehouse in Larapinta; Brisbane. They are now available to be shipped out for delivery or ready for pickup within 24/48 hours of ordering. 

Covid has affected us all and although we have been fortunate to trade onward through the pandemic we are struggling with getting stock as easily as we normally do. We have all learnt how finely tuned the global supply chain actually is and reminded by empty shelves in almost every large outlet across Australia that globally we have a small population viewed as a small demand and therefore often as a nation we are at the bottom of the production scheduling. Initially I was taking the production lag time personally but have moved on from that as I see other larger businesses in the same situation.

Our efforts this past year have been doubled and then some, in communicating with our factory our need for stock in all our depots. (The factory have had their share of challenges too and have increased what they initially offered us by our ongoing negotiating and compromising)  

Buying a Trampoline in Brisbane

Investing in a trampoline can be a fairly daunting experience. There are plenty of different options out there and so with a considerable amount of money on the line you want to make sure that you are getting the most for the cash you are about to part with. There is no reason to limit your search to what is in your immediate vicinity, but we encourage those seeking out trampolines for sale in Brisbane to look no further for the best trampolines on the Australian market, ready to pick up in Brisbane or ship right to your door from our Web and Warehouse Trampoline online store and Brisbane based warehouse right in Larapinta.

Trampoline display is available to view and test at Hamilton, Brisbane. This is made possible by our affiliation with Cystic Fibrosis QLD and Flipside Circus. Learn more here 

We are a family-owned and operated business and in the past decade, we have dedicated ourselves to supplying exceptional quality trampolines that deliver outstanding results. The goal for us is to work with each of our customers to identify exactly what they hope to purchase and through a process of consultation find the right trampoline that is perfectly suited to their kid's needs. If your kids want bounce we can up the ante and ensure they are very happy with the bounce they will have in their own backyard.

If you're in dire need for a birthday give us a call and we can generally wrangle a pickup during business hours within 24 hours notice. Sometimes we can't get out of an "urgent pickup fee" but we do our best to avoid it.  Preferably 48 hours is ideal from the time of order to time of collection; this is to allow for processing and timely communication each way.

Here at Web and Warehouse, all our trampolines have been tested and passed the 2015 Australian standards – AS 4989:2015 – and we are the only trampoline supplier whose rectangle trampolines have been tested and fully certified for the Australian market. We have a choice of sizes, shapes, mat and spring combinations, as well as all the accessories you might need. Our research indicated that trampolines deteriorate fast in our climate, and so we have developed a range that is strong, durable, and safe and gives an incredibly responsive bounce.

What to Look for When You Buy a Trampoline in Brisbane

We live, breathe and love trampolines in our family. For more than 10 years, we have taken all the knowledge, experience, research and customer feedback about our trampolines to create a range of trampolines for sale in Brisbane and beyond that combine safety, fun and style to make the perfect addition to your yard.

Web and Warehouse are an Australian, family-owned business – and we pride ourselves on the personal touch. Whether you visit our store or shop with us online, we want you to have the perfect trampoline to suit your needs. We won’t ever just sell you the most expensive trampoline you can afford – there is so much more to choosing the right trampoline. We have used our own trampolines for our kids, our nieces, and nephews – so we have direct experience in the size and suitability of each type of trampoline, which makes us experts in more ways than one!

Trampolines are an investment and should be chosen with the consideration that they will last. Every trampoline should come with a warranty, however, do be aware that buying your bounce from a non-specialist retailer might mean that if something goes wrong (wind damage, for example), you might not be covered. Add to this that many non-specialist retailers either don’t carry spares, or charge through the nose for them, and you could face replacing the whole thing.

Here at Web and Warehouse we carry replacement and upgrade parts for all the trampolines we sell. We can help you even if your trampoline was not originally purchased through us too – just give us a call.

Things to Think About When Buying a Trampoline in Brisbane

With all our experience in making your bouncing dreams come true, we know what makes a great trampoline for Brisbane families. For an idea of the things to think about when you are looking for your perfect trampoline, check out the questions below:

  • How big is your yard?

This might seem obvious, but you do need to consider how much room a trampoline will take up in your back yard. If you want to make the most of your space in a smaller yard, then Rectangle trampolines tend to fit more neatly into corners.

  • What About Safety?

All the trampolines we sell exceed the requirements of the Australian Standards for trampoline safety. With the highest quality materials and design, our trampolines are designed to be sturdy, safe, and long-lasting – without losing the fun.

  • Who will be using the trampoline?

If you are looking for a trampoline that is for smaller children, then, in general, a smaller trampoline is preferable. Of course, if you want to have a trampoline that the whole family can enjoy, then the bigger the better!

  • Above Ground or In-Ground?

Many of our trampolines are available as both above-ground and in-ground options. The main difference is safety – above ground trampolines come with netting, whereas trampolines set in the ground don’t (as there is minimal risk of injury from falling off). If you are considering an in-ground option, check out our blog for some ideas on how to create your space.

  • Performance or Fun?

Trampolines are fun, no doubt about that, but if you have an aspiring athlete or gymnast in the family, you might want to consider a ‘high bounce’ option that allows the kids to practice tumbles and routines more easily.

Bouncing Builds Better Kids

Where kids are concerned, a trampoline offers so much more than a way to occupy their time. At first they will most likely get used to the novelty of bouncing and rebounding, however, gradually they will come to learn more ways to enjoy the mat, and begin to expand their skills.

As such, if you or your kids decide you want to learn something new, the trampoline is a great and fun way to build a sense of persistence and understanding that practice makes perfect. What’s more, in finally executing a move the way they have been dreaming of, this will boost their self-esteem and belief in their ability to achieve whatever they put their mind to.

Here at Web and Warehouse, we regularly hear from past customers about how they use their trampoline to develop their kids’ motor skills. This is possible because the process of rebounding requires you to use and coordinate your brain and body to ensure balance, and to keep bouncing. Body posture is also improved through the use of a trampoline.

Furthermore, as an ideal low-impact way to exercise, you and your kids can not only burn calories and keep your cardiovascular system working at its best, but rebounding will also improve the density of your bones, which will keep conditions such as osteoporosis at bay.

We were invited to be the preferred trampoline of Bounce to Breathe the Cystic Fibrosis Queensland in schools fundraising program using trampolines to raise funds for kids with Cystic Fibrosis while educating primary and secondary students in a fun way how to use their domestic garden trampolines safely. Look at how you can get your kid's school involved

Fast, Efficient and Customer-Focused

You can buy a trampoline for your Brisbane home by visiting our store and getting in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team. At Web and Warehouse, we arrange the delivery of your order the next business day after payment has been received and with 98% of all orders dispatched within 24-48 hours, you can be sure that we do our utmost to keep the time between order and delivery to a minimum.

So, get in touch today and let’s find you the perfect tool to promote healthy and fun living for your family.

Our ability to give you a very personal experience should you need to communicate with us online via our chat, email, or by phoning us. We are always friendly, seek to answer your next questions before you know what they are, assure you that we are always a short call or message away should you have any questions before, during and after purchase. Especially reassuring at the time of assembly.  

We have depots with trampolines in 4 major Australian cities including Brisbane, Queensland; to enable our customers to buy trampolines online and pickup within 48 hours or have delivered Australia wide. Call 03 52921100

Find Your Perfect Trampoline in Brisbane with Web and Warehouse!

If you want to get the best, balanced, knowledgeable, and useful advice, then speak to one of our team. We are an Australian family business who love trampolines – and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Call us today and get that perfect trampoline! Covid has had a massive affect on production of our products so unfortunately we will only have 9x14ft in Brisbane for Christmas 2020. 

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