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Maintaining and caring for your trampoline should be a quick look over regularly.

Every school holidays a good regular chance to have a proper look over welds, nets, pads etc and ensure all is in good condition.

Doing this you are then best able to ensure you can claim under warranty if needed. 

Or purchase any safety items before any serious injuries are caused.

  19-2021-02  |     Julie Mc   |    11491
How to measure for the best round trampoline padding

If you need to order round trampoline padding for an existing reound trampoline; you will want to make sure that you order the correct size. GeeTramp padding is thick PVC covered foam that sits at the edge of the tr.. Read More

  17-2021-02  |     Julie Mc   |    7432
How to make a leaf catcher for your trampoline

It’s such a fantastic addition to your trampoline because it’s cheap, easy to construct and clean and it means your trampoline will be leaf free... Read More

  04-2021-02  |     Julie Mc   |    9534
Rectangle Trampoline Net Finder

No more guessing, an easy to follow tool to help you find the correct replacement net for your rectangle trampoline... Read More

  04-2021-02  |     Julie Mc   |    16197
Checklist - Buy Trampoline Net Online Australia

Many replacement part suppliers, like Web and Warehouse, supply a “standard” net. The safety net is suited to a range of different trampolines, however, even if you are unable to meet the standard checklist for the netting, o.. Read More

  17-2021-01  |     Julie Mc   |    20627
How to eliminate trampoline squeaks from the start

Having a squeaky trampoline can be very annoying. While your kids may not be that aware of the sounds, you will definitely want to avoid a headache each time the children go out to use it. The best way to ensure that you will.. Read More

  07-2020-12  |     Julie Mc   |    13160
10 signs you should recycle your trampoline

We might be in the game of selling trampolines for our living but we are with you in a world of commercialism where we are frustrated by the lack of parts to fix simple things and we strive to save perfectly good trampoline f.. Read More

  06-2020-12  |     Julie Mc   |    34892
Trampoline assembly – who can I pay to assemble my trampoline?

Thinking ahead to the trampoline assembly is a good idea before purchasing but if not a consideration until after purchase allow me to offer some options to you. Trampoline assembly isn’t for everyone be it, health or time an.. Read More

  19-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    30474
Understanding Trampoline frames and planned obsolescence

There are many trampolines in the Australian market and just to the casual eye they can all appear to be the same. However there are many decerning differences that can be easily overlooked. When it comes to nets and pad.. Read More

  30-2020-06  |     Julie Mc   |    25209
Why trampoline springs break and the need to replace them

We all know that trampolines can be an endless source of fun and they can help to keep you fit into the bargain. However, in the interests of safety and performance, you need to understand how different bouncing styles can im.. Read More

  21-2020-06  |     Julie Mc   |    25982
Web and Warehouse - Facebook and Instagram Hacked

It’s such a nasty violation when you find out you’ve been hacked on Facebook.First, it was my personal Facebook account, but that then gave way for access to the business accounts. The hackers went deep and racked up a huge c.. Read More

  06-2020-05  |     Julie Mc   |    42900
5 Best links to help when ordering trampoline spare parts

Trampoline spare parts shopping online can be quite a difficult task especially when the brand is unknown or gone out of business. This article will give you the information required to know what to compare and measure before.. Read More

Trampolines made in Australia VS made in China this will help you decide

Our trampolines are improved on by us in Australia - based on customer feedback and our own observations and experiences and then made in China to the design standards of materials and workmanship requested. Our trampolines a.. Read More

  01-2020-03  |     Julie Mc   |    45976
What to know when buying trampoline replacement parts

When you buy a trampoline, you rarely think of the maintenance, but in order to keep your trampoline in top shape, you will need to replace certain parts in the event of any damage. Replacing the damaged or missing parts quic.. Read More

  31-2019-10  |     Julie Mc   |    81426
13 common trampoline problems to know and avoid before you buy

You will wish you knew these before you bought your trampoline - Are you struggling to find suitable parts for your trampoline? A very common frustration for unsuspecting trampoline owners. This problem can rare it’s head eve.. Read More

  07-2019-10  |     Julie Mc   |    48057
Why supervision of children on a trampoline is important

When installing the trampoline, the supervisor needs to check that there are no trees, cables, ropes, lighting etc hanging above the trampoline mat. Kids can bounce really high and getting tangled or hitting their head can le.. Read More

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