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Which rectangle trampoline is best suited to my child’s gymnastic skills?

 You'll find a suitable gymnastics rectangular trampoline here for your child – we will go over.. read more

How to choose the right trampoline for your family

Tips to choose the right trampoline for youTrampolines are a great way to have fun and exercise at t.. read more

Comparing round and rectangle trampolines?

What are the differences between round and rectangle trampolines and which one is right for my famil.. read more

How Much Do Olympic Trampolines Cost - compared to similar sized backyard trampolines?

If you are like many parents you have kids that are raving about the "you beaut" Olympic Trampoline .. read more

How to repair a trampoline net zipper

Broken Trampoline Zipper - No stress we have developed a relatively simple repair.To do this su.. read more

Buying a trampoline

Choosing a trampoline for your family takes some care and considerations. We step you through both round and rectangle trampolines and all the various sizes at to which one will best suit your family. Sign up here for soon to be released ebook with all you need to know about choosing the right trampoline for your family - due out end Sept 2019

  02-2021-02  |     Julie Mc   |    10877
Brisbane GeeTramp Trampolines - Larapinta

Brisbane GeeTramp Trampolines - Larapinta - Depot CollectionsIn recent times we have transitioned to a new Brisbane location for third party logistics (3PL).Our GeeTramp stock is now held by Mainfreight at Larapinta; a South .. Read More

  22-2020-12  |     Julie Mc   |    18298
Pre Christmas Eve - Preparations for Trampoline Assembly

As parents, we love to bring the magic of Christmas to our children. We then often find ourselves assembling things like bikes, sand diggers, doll prams, swing sets, cubby houses and on topic; Trampolines, on Christmas eve.Th.. Read More

  06-2020-12  |     Julie Mc   |    34882
Trampoline assembly – who can I pay to assemble my trampoline?

Thinking ahead to the trampoline assembly is a good idea before purchasing but if not a consideration until after purchase allow me to offer some options to you. Trampoline assembly isn’t for everyone be it, health or time an.. Read More

  03-2020-12  |     Julie Mc   |    17742
Christmas 2020 Trampoline Delivery Deadline Australia

At Christmas most of our customers will be purchasing products in the anticipation that they will be delivered prior to Christmas Day, December 25th - Christmas Day falls on a Friday this year (2020) making Wednesda.. Read More

  29-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    24195
GeeTramp Force Trampolines in Perth

News has travelled that GeeTramp trampolines are the next best thing for athletes to train on; beside a true competition grade trampoline. GeeTramp really does give your kids "the bouncing edge to jump like a pro". .. Read More

  19-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    30433
Understanding Trampoline frames and planned obsolescence

There are many trampolines in the Australian market and just to the casual eye they can all appear to be the same. However there are many decerning differences that can be easily overlooked. When it comes to nets and pad.. Read More

  11-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    95880
10x17ft GeeTramp Trampoline - Why teens love it

A GeeTramp 10x17ft is an Olympic size trampoline and certainly is a statement piece in any garden. It’s desired by many for its internal space that enable the performance of extended tricks and routines. Especially sought out.. Read More

  10-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    30474
Rectangle Trampolines Adelaide for Christmas

Revised - October 2020 - Covid Update.  (no stock at all in Kidman Park Depot)  It is with regret we advise that for Christmas 2020 we will not have stock in Adelaide as we hoped.It was wonderful at the start of COV.. Read More

  09-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    23787
GeeTramp to jump test in Byron Bay - NSW

We were lucky enough to have been invited by the Circus Arts School in Byron Bay as the preferred trampoline sponsor for their trampoline competition.  Afer the event we left one 9x14ft HB/AU setup for use and class.. Read More

  09-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    27566
Trampolines  in Brisbane, Queensland with cheaper delivery

Good news for Queenslanders looking to buy a rectangle trampoline online. Normally we have all 5 sizes and most mat and spring combinations of GeeTramp rectangle trampolines held in a Brisbane, Queensland warehouse. The wareh.. Read More

  08-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    26243
Brisbane - GeeTramp Trampoline display- go and see and test

Revised as of November 2020If you are wanting to find GeeTramp Trampolines to test in Brisbane we have a relationship with Flipside Circus. They have gone to a temporary location while waiting on their new venue to be co.. Read More

  04-2020-11  |     Julie Mc   |    21518
Sydney Trampoline Shop - Caringbah - Casula - Homebush

Getting any of our stock has been difficult. As I write this in early Nov 2020 and we have stock made and waiting in China to get on a ship to Sydney all is uncertain until we have confirmation that the ship will arrive in Sy.. Read More

Big Trampoline Store Geelong - Avail - Sydney - Adelaide - Brisbane - Melbourne

Web and Warehouse® is a trampoline store, based in Geelong Victoria, that stocks a huge range of round and rectangle trampolines. We'll be sure to have the right trampoline for your family. Purchasing a trampoline can be a da.. Read More

  01-2020-11  |     Lucy :)   |    19916
GeeTramp 2020 Christmas

On the surface, our Web & Warehouse family has had a good year compared to many others.We have been able to stay open and continue trading on a Click & Collect basis, and have been able to be with our team and family .. Read More

  07-2020-07  |     Julie Mc   |    44098
What do businesses look for in a brand ambassador ?

I'm revamping this article to be more current for 2020 as I get many questions referencing why we seek people with a lot of followers, rather than purely focussing on skills. By writing this article I hope to answer that as s.. Read More

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