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Keep your kids fit and healthy and reduce their screen time (tv, gaming, etc) by investing in a trampoline they truly love to play on!

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GeeTramp® Trampolines

GeeTramp® embodies all that families want from a quality round and rectangle trampolines; responsive bounce, durable materials, and meet safety requirements. GeeTramp® Trampolines are fully certified with Australian Standard certification on all sizes while remaining affordable. The round and rectangle GeeTramp® trampoline range meet and exceed criteria to be an NDIS provider.

Vuly Trampolines

Vuly's trampolines are simply the most innovative trampolines on the market today. They are the only trampolines that have a shade cover and a tent as an optional accessory. All their models (listed below) have a net that attaches directly to the jumping mat giving the user the safest jumping experience possible.

Web and Warehouse® - Trampoline Store

Web and Warehouse® is a trampoline store, based in Geelong Victoria, that stocks a huge range of round and rectangle trampolines. We'll be sure to have the right trampoline for your family. Purchasing a trampoline can be a daunting task, but our friendly staff are here and ready to help at any stage to ensure you get the perfect trampoline for your family.

Once you have your trampoline and have been loving it for years and years, you can come back and add more fun with our great range of accessories or do some maintenance and get new parts to keep your trampoline safe.

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Best Trampolines in Australia

We all remember the first time we tried a trampoline, well, unless we were very, very young at the time. That joyful sense of temporary flight and landing once again on a surface that not only took the sting out of our expectations of pain but also propelled us upward once again is a fun memory. Trampolines are experiencing a resurgence in recent years, as the benefits associated of rebounding on them become more well known, and as such those that use them are experimenting in how they use them in many different ways.

‘The best trampolines in Australia’ is something that we here at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store are very proud to be able to lay claim to. We have been supplying trampolines for over 11 years and are the only company to have their complete range of trampolines test, pass and be fully certified by the 2015 Australian standards (AS 4989:2015), which means that every single size that we supply has been individually certified. What’s more, we are the only trampoline supply company to have their rectangle trampolines tested and fully certified for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Here at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, we believe that trampolines are an amazing way to do something a little different with your free time that will not only prove to be incredibly fun but will do wonders for your overall fitness level. Regardless of whether you are a homeowner looking to buy a trampoline for the back garden that your kids can play in, or if you are a more seasoned professional, or an athlete looking online for the perfect trampoline to compliment your workout and help you reach that higher level of performance, rest assured that we have the right trampoline for you.

There are two shapes of trampoline available in our store. Round Trampolines are best suited to families that want an affordable, quality trampoline that will look good. Rectangle Trampolines are ideal for families or even just those that are engaging in training routines for various sports, such as gymnasts, tumblers, dancers, cheerleaders, G-Trampers, board sports, parkour and divers. Rectangle Trampolines give better bounce that will allow your kids to enjoy it for longer before becoming fatigued.

At Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, we like to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by genuinely engaging you in a conversation about what it is you specifically need and hope to get from a trampoline. We are not interested in overselling our products, but instead, want to find the right trampoline that meets your needs. As such we provide a consultation process that allows you to get a sense of the pros and cons of each of our ranges and sizes so that you can make an informed decision that will enable you to choose the right high-quality trampoline for your home.

Benefits Associated with Trampolines

We could go on and on about all of the incredible things that are associated with trampoline use, aside from the pure unadulterated fun of rebounding over and over. However, some of the benefits you can expect to reap once you buy a trampoline include the following.

When more oxygen is absorbed into our cells, we have much more energy available to us. In comparison to jogging or running on a treadmill, rebounding on a trampoline has a much more beneficial effect on your body, since your bones, joints and muscles are less impacted.

One additional benefit to the above is that rebounding has a positive effect on bone density, strengthening it and therefore helping to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis. And with your cardiovascular system getting a positive boost you can expect your heart function and blood circulation to also improve.

When you see trampolines for sale you probably think of them as for kids and don’t even think twice about the incredible weight-loss possibilities achievable. Those that are looking to shed a few pounds and tone up will be pleased to learn that rebounding on a trampoline has a positive effect on the body. The abdomen, legs, thighs, arms and hips will be toned up from regular exercise on a trampoline.

What’s more, with improvements also coming in terms of overall balance, agility and posture, this is an exceptional way to burn the calories you want to, improve your general physical wellbeing and have great fun at the same time.

Here at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, we are just as guilty as anyone else for overindulging from time to time, but fortunately rebounding on a trampoline is a great way to detox your body and rid it of waste products, bacteria and damaged cells. This happens as a result of every muscle in the body experiencing activity which pumps blood but also improves the functioning of the lymphatic system.

You may look at a trampoline online and its cost and think that a pair of trainers and some gym gear will do just as much, however rebounding on a trampoline for only 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference to how you feel and how your body functions. As your body gets stronger and heals and recovers, your immune system will receive a welcome boost, too, which will protect you from falling victim to colds and flu, and help keep more worrying diseases such as cancer and heart disease at bay.

Finding the Right Trampoline for You

At Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, we are committed to helping our customers find and buy trampolines Australia can depend on to give them exceptional quality for years and a size and style that will meet and serve their needs. When you deal with our friendly and knowledgeable team, you will find that we are less about pressure tactics to sell and much more concerned with finding you the right product.

We understand that an investment in a trampoline is something that isn’t taken lightly, and to this end, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality available, so that they will last and give you great service for years to come. What’s more, with 5-year warranties available for our products, you can safeguard against any unforeseen or unexpected problems down the road, giving you that little extra peace of mind whether you purchase in-store, or buy your trampoline online.

Here at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, we are fortunate to have many happy customers on our books, whose reviews and testimonials you can find right here on our site, as well as on our Google and Facebook page. Our ability to meet your needs stems from our personal testing of each and every one of our products in our family, and so you can rest assured that we only stock and supply high-quality trampolines that we would be happy to use in our home.

At Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, you will find trampolines that have a responsive quality bound, meet the highest Australian standards, are strong and durable and fit for the Australian climate and a team that is here to help you browse the best trampolines Australia has to offer and find the one that best fits your personal circumstances.

With a choice of shapes, sizes, mat and springs combinations, here at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store we promise that whether you buy online or drop into our store, we will be able to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations and brings you and your loved ones many years of fun and joy.

Buy a trampoline from our shop in Geelong

At Web and Warehouse we make quality trampolines for everyone. Whether you’re a family looking for an affordable trampoline that will last in the Australian climate, or your kids need it to practice various sports, we’ve got a trampoline that will suit you and your needs!

Web and Warehouse are an Australian import company that sell and imports Australian designed trampolines. You may be wondering what makes us and our trampolines different. We are a family business that know the importance of trampoline safety through our own children growing up. We wanted to create trampolines that have fun, function, safety and durability. You can be assured of our products as they are tested by our 4 active children (adults now!) and our nieces and nephews!

Tips to choosing the right trampoline

To choose the right trampoline you need to answer a few questions:

  • What do you want the trampoline for?

If the trampoline is just for fun; a round trampoline would do. If the trampoline is to practice gymnastics or any other sport, then a rectangle trampoline may be better as the bounce is more responsive.

  • How much space do you have?

We have trampolines that will fit in even the smallest gardens!

  • What are the ages of your children?

It’s good to keep in mind the ages of your children but also to keep in mind that the trampolines can last around 15 years.


  • Can I try out a trampoline before I make my decision?

Yes! If you are near our trampoline display in Geelong, we recommend you to have a bounce and try out the different styles and sizes that we have on display. Bring along the family! We have approximately 20 trampolines up at a time. The kids will have fun and you will be able to make the right decision about which trampoline is best for your family!

  • When will my order arrive?

The next business day after you have paid for your item we will arrange its delivery. Metro regions will usually receive their items within 2-6 days, but NT and WA should allow between 7-10 days for their items. The couriers we use do not deliver at weekends, after hours or on public holidays.

However, if you live in the Geelong region, we can often discuss and arrange with you delivery after hours or on weekends that we will do ourselves. 

Buy your trampolines in Geelong from us!

We are an Australian owned business that import and sell Australian designed trampolines. We have a vast knowledge and understanding of our trampolines, which assists us in our honest consultation process that allows you to ask questions and understand exactly what you are buying. We never oversell our products, and we give you all the pros and cons of our ranges to ensure you get the perfect trampoline for you and your family. So buy a trampoline from our Geelong base and you will receive a trampoline with a responsive quality bounce that is safe enough to have passed the 2015 Australian standards.

If you’re still not convinced, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us as we are always happy to help! You can telephone us on (03) 5292 1100 or email us at

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Rectangle Trampolines

Due to the extra bounce rectangle trampolines naturally have, they are extremely popular especially for gymnasts that want to practice their tricks and flips in their backyard. Also, they utilise the backyard space very well and seem to fit in those smaller yards a bit better. 

  • Naturally higher bounce - with a 'high bounce' option available with most sizes
  • Fits well in the backyard
  • Strong & durable frame
  • Available without the net - Rectangle In Ground Trampolines
  • High bounce mats available (on most rectangle trampolines)

Round Trampolines

Our round trampolines are awesome value as the shape naturally has a lot of strength, therefore you don't need such large tubing which saves on cost while remaining very strong. We have developed our trampolines over many years, and we're very proud of where they are now in terms of quality, safety, and bounce.

  • Large bouncing area for the price
  • Look great in the yard
  • Thick and durable pads
  • Available without the net - Round In Ground Trampolines

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