Vuly 360 Pro Max Playset - C2 Frame

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Product Description


The innovative Vuly 360 is a modular swing set that is designed to last. Like all Vuly's products, the 360 looks amazing and is something will add to the overall look to your backyard! Being modular, Vuly has now introduced new and exciting attachments with more options to be available in the future.

The 360 is the first outdoor swing set to come with a Shade Cover!


The Vuly Swing modular frame design allows flexibility with the number of swing stations, the Small set has 1 swing station, the Medium has 2 swing stations and the Large has 3 swing stations. The frame design allows you to add or subtract upper frame extensions, additional extensions can be bought separately if you want to go to a larger size in the future e.g. upgrade from Small to Medium or Medium to Large (contact us if you require this, these are called Up-size Kits).

There's no outdoor play set like Vuly 360. With a customisable, premium build and distinctly Vuly design, it's made to push limits.

Free Shade Cover

Stay cool with Vuly's shade cover! Relax on the Yoga Swing and read a book under the Shade Cover. The Shade Cover is made out of the same super-tough material as Vuly's trampoline black jumping mat.

Vuly 360 Swing Set Shade Cover
360 Spin Swing

Kids can surf, skate and snowboard at home, with adjustable spin sensitivity. Twist the full 360o and swing at the same time - only possible on Vuly 360. It's a load of fun!

Vuly 360 Swing Set Spinning Simulation
Stronger Construction

Enjoy years of fun, with 2x thicker and 40% wider parts.

Heat treated double-dipped galvanised, and powder coated for the ultimate protection against weather.

Vuly 360 Swing Strong Frame
Easy Setup

Assemble your frame with the included strong and secure bolts. Children can play with confidence on a solid A-frame fully secured with anchors.

Vuly 360 Swing Frame
Ready For Everyone

Pick a size that fits you. Each size is 2.3m tall and tested for 80kg of combined user weight.

Vuly 360 Swing Small


245cm (w) x 231cm (h)
203cm (d)

Vuly 360 Swing Medium


355cm (w) x 231cm (h)
203cm (d)

Vuly 360 Swing Large


465cm (w) x 231cm (h)
203cm (d)

Box Sizes

Box Sizes are listed as Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)

  1. Length is considered the longest side
  2. Width is considered the shorter side
  3. Height is considered the vertical measurement

# Box SKU Qty Length (L) Width (W) Height (H) Weight
Box 1 CPL001 3 117.4 cm 34 cm 20 cm 25 kg
Box 2 CPL002 1 112 cm 20 cm 6 cm 8.5 kg
Box 3 ASWUK1. 1 113 cm 18 cm 6.5 cm 5.5 kg
Box 4 CCB001 1 81 cm 30 cm 27 cm 14.8 kg
Box 5 CCB002 1 70.5 cm 18.5 cm 7.5 cm 6 kg
Box 6 APLS12 1 39 cm 39 cm 14 cm 2.6 kg

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Vuly 360 Pro Max Playset - C2 Frame