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Box Name Box SKU Box QTY Length Width Height Weight
L Lift 2 Box A CL1201 1 80 cm 42.5 cm 18 cm 38.9 kg
L Lift 2 Box B CL1202 1 100 cm 41.5 cm 22.5 cm 24.3 kg
L Lift 2 Box C CL1203 1 114 cm 30 cm 20 cm 36.2 kg
L Lift 2 Box D CL1204 1 76 cm 36 cm 40 cm 19.1 kg

Introducing the Vuly Lift 2! The Lift 2 is a strong, bouncy, and aesthetic trampoline that the whole family can enjoy!

What's the difference between the Vuly Ultra and the Vuly Lift 2?

Vuly - Ultra Vuly - Lift 2
Shade Cover No Yes
Frame Coating Galvanised Galvanised & Powder Coating
Lower Frame Traditional 'U' Legs Lower Ring (Stronger)
Net Poles Round Oval (Stronger)
Mat Print No HexVex™ Game Mat
Pad Colour Grey Yellow & Blue (Reversible
Netting Material Polyethylene Soft Terylene
Door Self Closing Self Closing - Extra Wide

Lift 2 is the longest-lasting Vuly ever. With a slick powder-coated frame married to an extra UV-resistant enclosure, it's made for safe bouncing in Australian weather.


Free Shade Cover

Stay cool with Vuly's shade cover! Jump on your Vuly Lift 2 without worrying getting burnt or getting leaves stuck on the jumping mat.

Don't worry! It's easy to put on and take off as you please without any tools.

Vuly Lift 2 Shade Cover
Solid frame, premium finish

Featuring the lower ring that adds incredible strength to the overall frame structure and allows for the optional safety skirt accessory to attach very neatly.

Features strong, square joiners and easy assembly - it all just clicks together.

Vuly Lift 2 Framework
HexVex™ Game Mat

Endless fun with the HexVex™ Game Mat. Vuly has made Heaps of fun games that the kids can play with this game mat, simply play the desired game or let the kids make up their own!

Vuly Lift 2 Game Mat
Dual-tiered spring system

There are two layers of springs. One tier of springs is on the top of the frame tube, and another on the bottom of the frame tube.

This gives great bounce for all age groups as light users will primarily use the top layer of springs and heavier users will activate both sets of springs.

Vuly Lift 2 Springs
Reversible padding 

Choose between yellow or blue. It's easy to reverse the pads, and you get twice the life out of them! Ensure utmost safety and UV-resistance with Bisonyl, which won't deteriorate early. Now with drain holes to prevent waterlogging and increase the life of your padding.

Vuly Lift 2 Padding

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