When it comes to gaining an advantage in sport, athletes have tried countless different things to provoke their body into finding a higher level. Where extreme athletes are concerned, that is, those that participate in parkour, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and even gymnastics, even though the latter is more traditional than an extreme sport, many are turning toward trampolines to help them refine their moves and keep their bodies in a constant state of preparation.

Here at Web and Warehouse Trampoline Store, we have a wide variety of rectangular trampoline with enclosure options that will suit athletes and even just those interested in pushing their bodies that little bit further, without having to undertake a high-impact exercise routine. Over the past decade, our team has constantly looked for the newest and best technological advances in trampolines to ensure that we are supplying the best trampolines available to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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Why Extreme Athletes Love Trampolines

If you think about the kind of tricks and moves that extreme athletes perform on a daily basis or when they are completing their routines, there is a wide variety of body movements required. While stretching is important, there are very few ways to replicate these moves and try them over and over again until the rhythm and execution have been perfected.

A 12-foot rectangular trampoline is an ideal place to practice somersaults, twists and more complicated movements without having to risk the kind of injuries that are experienced when carried out for real. The trampoline will enable the user to simulate the same height that they achieve in the real world over and over again.

With the possibility of having a safety net attached to the trampoline, this gives those that wish to push themselves that little bit harder to forget about the consequences of missing their landing target, and instead just focus on getting the move right. This inevitably benefits snowboarders, skateboarder, skier, wakeboarder, or gymnast because they can fearlessly pursue a move and most likely learn to execute it properly in a much shorter period of time.

What’s more, here at Web and Warehouse, we regularly hear from past customers who love their trampoline and the ability to train all year round. If you are an athlete that must wait for the right conditions to prevail before you can surf or snowboard, then you will want to keep your skills sharp. A trampoline is an ideal way to not only achieve this but also keep your fitness levels at their peak.

Australian Designed & Built for Exceptional Results

At Web and Warehouse, we don’t believe in upselling pushing potential customers into choosing any trampoline; we are much more interested in working with you to find the correct trampoline that will meet your needs. To this end, those that visit our interactive trampoline display in Geelong can test bounce any and all of our products.

We design our trampolines right here in Australia and they are fabricated to our unique specifications to ensure a high-quality product that is built to last and deliver exceptional height, durability and safety. 5-year warranties are available to our customers to afford them that extra peace of mind.

So, whether you are looking for a 12-foot rectangular trampoline with an enclosure or a larger or smaller option, rest assured that the team here at Web and Warehouse will ensure that you are equipped with one of the best trampolines in Australia.

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