GeeTramp String Pro is a smaller version of an Olympic Trampoline with a competition styled open weave mat.

With a strong chanel steel frame, hand woven and stitched mat, Australian Springs, and to top it off a safety net. A world first to be commercially fitted to a trampoline of this style.

The bounce is exceptional and allows for a high bounce and with height comes the time for the user to be able to perform an extensive repertoire of maneuvers all the way back down to the mat.

Ideal for trampolinists to train on at home, as well as the extreme sports people like divers, snow boarders etc. 

Paint colour for mat chosen at time of purchase and to be painted insitu when assembling trampoline. (regular painting required)

Recommended for purchase and use by skilled athletes only. (mat is abrasive on skin) 

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Please Note: This trampoline is for experienced gymnasts only. If you don't have much experience ...
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