Cheerleading is an increasingly competitive sport with a combination of dancing, gymnastics, and gravity-defying aerial manoeuvres. A trampoline can be really helpful to both gymnasts and cheerleaders as they help athletes perform and practice more complex movements with more air time and a softer landing. Round trampolines are a popular shape and they can be found in many a back garden across Australia, but they aren’t the best choice for gymnasts, cheerleaders, or other professional athletes. Read More

Will A Cheer Trampoline Help Your Cheer Routine?

A round trampoline has its springs evenly spaced around the circumference of the bouncing mat enabling each bounce in the centre of the mat to gain very respectable heights. However, this distribution of springs propels the user back into the middle of the mat whenever they begin to bounce too close to the edges. This means that they aren’t well suited for performing cheerleading moves as the user has to remain fairly central to the bouncing mat.

A rectangular shape is generally the best trampoline for cheerleading as the springs are stronger and their distribution means that a high bounce can be achieved from just about anywhere on the bouncing mat, even from the edge giving the athlete plenty of space for gymnastic tumbles. The bounce a cheer trampoline provides is one of the most important features. To make improvements to performance and strengthen the athlete, the trampoline must have a soft yet productive bounce to enable movement whilst protecting the joints and back from injury.

Safety Features on Our Cheer Trampolines

At Web and Warehouse, our trampolines are all compliant with 2015 Australian safety standards, known as AS 4989:2015. These are some of the most stringent safety standards in the world and incredibly tough to achieve. At Web and Warehouse, every single trampoline we sell adheres to these standards so you can rest assured that our products are of the highest quality. It is not mandatory to adhere to these safety standards; we go above and beyond with the customer’s safety our first priority at all times.

Some of the safety features you can find on our trampolines include thick, purpose-built padding which covers both the trampoline frame and springs. There is also a barrier sewn into the front of the padding and secured in such a way that there is no access to the springs from on the trampoline.

This reduces the risk of injury from landing on the hard frame or getting a limb stuck in the springs after a poor landing. All our trampolines have a bold marking in the centre of the jumping mat which makes it easily spotted, even whilst jumping or tumbling so the user can always orient their jump and readjust if needed. To make it easier, we also ensure that the padding on the outside of the trampoline is in a contrasting colour to the bouncing mat so it’s easy to tell how close you are to the edge at all times.

We also provide strong enclosures for our trampolines (if required) made of a hard-wearing, durable mesh which is specially designed with very small holes. The reduced hole size means fingers, even teeny tiny ones, are less likely to go through the mesh and become stuck which may cause injury.

To Find Out More About Cheer Trampolines, Get In Touch

To discuss your trampolining needs or to ask more questions about the best trampolines for cheerleading, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team on 03 5292 1100 or by email at

We always recommend that you visit our display so you can take our trampolines for a test bounce before you make a purchase, but we realise that it’s not always possible to visit so we encourage you to have a chat with us first.

Wherever you are in Australia, it’s easy to buy an cheer trampoline online with Web and Warehouse. We offer delivery Australia-wide via a trusted courier and aim to ship your order within 24-48 hours. Alternatively, if you are near to one of our depots in Geelong, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane, you are more than welcome to come and collect your order yourself or instruct a courier to do so on your behalf.

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