What is trampoline basketball and is it safe? If you’ve been thinking about buying a trampoline basketball ring you might be wondering if it’s actually that safe for you and your family. The truth is that with a little bit of foresight and caution, there should be no problem with adding this fun, cool accessory to your trampoline. Read More

Buy Basketball Rings for your Trampoline

In fact, giving this sort of straight forward toy to kids may even cut down that risk. Instead of flips and splits and all the movements that can cause injuries, sprains and fractures the simple act of jumping and getting the ball into the net can provide great exercise and hand-eye coordination training without the impact on the joints of regular basketball.

You should also consider limiting the number of jumpers on the trampoline. The Academy of Paediatrics states that 75 percent of all trampoline injuries occur when multiple jumpers are using the unit; so don’t let your child become part of that number. As much as they may complain, allowing more than one child to jump at a time is simply a bad idea and the most likely way to have an accident. Coming up with H.O.R.S.E style games (where one person makes a shot and then another imitates it) is the best way to use this toy. 

More Safety Tips for Trampoline Basketball

First of all, while a safety enclosure is extremely important for jumping safety, it is absolutely imperative for trampoline basketball. Regardless of the manufacturer, it’s best to make sure that the basketball ring for your trampoline is compatible.

Secondly, slam-dunk manoeuvres put a lot of stress and tension on the unit, which can increase the risk of it moving or becoming unstable. That’s why it’s always advisable to use anchor stakes to combat these problems. Anchor stakes will keep a trampoline firmly in place even under the most aggressive jumpers reign.

Finally, last, of all - make sure children are always monitored and not jumping outside of their skill level. Everyone participating on the trampoline should learn the basic jumps and be able to do them without issue first and foremost. Children should be able to control their take-offs and landing without any problems and should not lose control while making their shots, building up these skills takes time and practice but will make the sport much, much safer.

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If you’re ready to get started adding some more fun to your backyard with a basketball ring for your trampoline, get in touch today! We have a ton of different styles and selections to choose from and we are always happy to help make sure you’re getting the right product for your needs! You can give us a call at 03 5292 1100 or email info@webandwarehouse.com.au

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