If you’re wondering what to do with that extra bit of garden, why not have a look at our swing set sale in Geelong? At Web and Warehouse, we have a variety of different swing sets, from a simple swing and frame to a complete play centre. Read More

Why You Need a Swing Set in Your Garden

Swing sets are great for little ones, especially if you’ve got more than one. It encourages healthy play and can even work as a bonding experience, whether that’s between siblings, friends, or even with parents. Playing on outside swing sets in Geelong can improve your child’s immune system. The vitamin D in the sun’s rays and the fresh air can help fight all kinds of illnesses, which is especially great for both you and your child during cold and flu season.

Swinging is also great exercise. It strengthens your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. An hour of swinging can burn 200 calories, which is the same as an hour jogging, but it’s much easier for children to enjoy. There’s no right or wrong way to swing, but however you do it, it makes play feel less like exercise and more like a game. Just like any exercise, it still wears your child out. This is great because it means they’re more likely to sleep better and through the night.

Playsets are one of the best ways to spark creativity and imagination for your child. This is one of the most important skills a child should learn at an early age to improve their development and motor skills. In a world where screens and online games are at the forefront of entertainment, it’s more important than ever to keep their creativity flowing. Whether they’re astronauts flying through space or commandeering a pirate ship, inventive child’s play encourages out-of-the-box thinking in later life.

Swing sets in Geelong aren’t Just for Kids

On those late summer nights when the kids are in bed, nothing is stopping you from enjoying the swings. The ropes are adjustable so they can be brought higher or lower, and swinging can be extremely relaxing. Or if you’re not one for swinging, your kids can still enjoy it throughout their childhood and even through their teenage years. Swing sets aren’t a one-time thing; there’s a reason they’ve been one of the top outdoor playsets for hundreds of years and probably will be for hundreds more. Strong wooden swing sets in Geelong will last for many years to come and will become a staple in your garden.

Buy your Swing Sets from Geelong’s Web and Warehouse Today

Whether you want to create your own swing set or choose one of our own designs, Web and Warehouse have everything you need to turn your garden into the perfect play space for children of all ages. We accept Zip pay, so you can buy now, and pay in easy instalments that suit you, with up to 3 months interest-free.

Wherever you are in Australia, it’s easy to buy swing sets with Web and Warehouse. We offer delivery Australia-wide via a trusted courier and aim to ship your order within 24-48 hours. Alternatively, if you are near to one of our depots in Geelong, Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane, you are more than welcome to come and collect your order yourself or instruct a courier to do so on your behalf.

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