Layby a trampoline for Christmas, birthday or moving house.

Layby is a really great way to manage payments for things that you want to surprise your kids with or what they might be suggesting and hinting they want for Christmas or birthdays.

About our trampoline Layby terms

What can you Layby?

  • Layby is available on all our trampolines and the full range of Vuly trampolines and swings to.

Initiating layby

  • This can be done in store during business hours or online at any time
    • Payment Options

      • Credit Card (excludes American Express)
      • Paypal
      • Bank EFT
      • Cash - (Geelong instore only)

      Layby Duration

      •  6 month term


      • We require a 20% deposit at time of ordering, (The deposit doesn’t include the freight component just the trampoline and any extra accessories)

      Stock Supply

      • Stock is then allocated in your name and held in the warehouse for you. (If you see a product out of stock after your place your Layby, please feel free to contact us to confirm stock allocation).

      Ongoing Payments

      • After your initial deposit, payments are as flexible as you please, you can either pay the total balance at time of pickup or just prior to arranging delivery or you can make ongoing weekly or monthly payments to suit your budget at any time.
      • The minimum repayment is 10%, you can choose to pay more than that in a repayment
      • You may pay your trampoline off in regular or irregular instalments via credit card, PayPal or bank EFT
      • You can swap between credit cards and PayPal and EFT if you choose, allowing for grandparents and other relatives to contribute with payments too.

      Maximum Layby Term

      The item is required to be paid in full within a maximum period of 6 months from when stock is allocated to you. Delivery or pick can be delayed a little so speak with us directly to arrange any further details for us to hold until an agreed date. (We know houses aren't always finished on time for one reason you may need us to hold the trampoline  a little longer)

      Cancellation of a Layby

      Cancellation of a Layby can be done by calling us it will attract a penalty fee of $25. This will be withheld from your refund. Refund will have to be made in the amounts and to the accounts the original payments were made from. 

      Setting up a Layby deposit via the Website

      Register as a customer

      After you have added your items to cart and clicked "checkout" you will first need to "register as a customer" nominating a password for when you login for future layby payments.  (Guest checkout will not bring up a layby payment option which you will see only after adding all your details resulting in you needing to do you details twice)

      Paying Deposit

      • In the section "payment method" you will see "Pay using Layby Installments"
      • Then choose the payment method - Credit card or paypal will proceed through smoothly to a layby in progress once followed to the end
      • If you choose bank EFT then the layby will wait for us to manually update the payment once the funds have cleared into our account before updating to a layby in progress
      • If you would like to pay more than the 20%, clicking "Prefer to pay a different amount" will present a box in which you can type the amount you would like to pay.

      Setting up a Layby via the Phone

      • Contact us during normal business hours on 03 52921100 to setup your order.
      • If paying via credit card please have your card details ready.
      • We will give you a password for future payment online which you can change once you are online.

      Finalising the Layby

      • The Layby needs to have the balance paid within the maximum period of 6 months from when the initial deposit was paid.
      • Our recommendation is that you get the item delivered to you about 2 weeks before you actually need it, especially if you need it during a peak period like Christmas as the national courier networks become stretched, it also gives you the chance to open and check all contents are supplied.
      • Click here to see current details for Christmas trampoline delivery timelines around Australia
      • Pick up is an option. If you are collecting from either Brisbane or Sydney you'll need to get in contact with us 48 hours prior to finalise payment and process the order with the warehouse.

      Interest Free purchasing

       We have “Zip Money” as a payment option too which means you can have the trampoline before it is fully paid off but to arrange that presently you need to phone us for it to be set up manually while our IT department and Zip Money come up with a way to work seamlessly between the 2 websites.

       As with any thing always feel free to call us 03 52921100 or email questions regarding layby or choosing the right trampoline for your family. Click here for  articles on our blog  Choosing the right trampoline for your family.