How to Measure and Replace Trampoline Springs

How to Measure and Replace Trampoline Springs

It is recommended that you replace trampoline springs when they show signs of wear and tear. If a spring was to break when a person is jumping on the trampoline, it could result in an injury. Luckily, trampoline springs are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Some hardware stores may have the same size springs as your trampoline, but they may not be made with the same steel. Purchasing springs made with the same steel as your current springs will ensure a long life for your trampoline and the spare parts. Be sure the springs that you do buy are specifically designed for use on a trampoline.


The Process

  1. Inspect the springs to determine how many springs you need to replace You will need to immediately replace any springs that show a slight amount of wear to prevent injury to jumpers. 

  • Overstretched
  • Over sprung
  • Either end of the hook showing wear
  • Deep pitted rust

Step By Step

1.  To determine what size you have, choose a spring from your trampoline that is in as good a condition as possible eg. not overstretched or with deep pitted rust.

2. You will need to measure the spring accurately in Millimeters for the following dimentions– (see diagram below)

  • "A" -  Overall length of the spring; from hook end, to hook end.
  • "B" -  Longest hook from first coil, to outside edge of hook.
  • "C" - Outside diameter, in the middle of the spring; for the total width.
  • "D" - Wire diameter; you can measure this at the hook shank, it is the width of the piece of wire.








3. Purchase replacement trampoline springs.
4. You can easily replace the springs on your own but if there help accept it.  
5. We suggest you wear gloves to prevent injury from the springs.
6. Use a trampoline spring tool to pull and hook the spring to the frame. 
7. Ensure springs are engaged correctly into the trampoline frame before anyone gets on the trampoline.

8 Order a few extra springs to have ready for when a spring fails in the future. 

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