How do I register on your website?

Just click the register link under My Account and complete some very basic details.

You can even sign up for our newsletter if you want to be updated on the latest deals and promotions.

Is my item covered for loss or damages in transit?

When goods are loaded onto the courier it is no longer in our direct control, at this point the purchaser assumes the risk for any loss or damage for the goods while they are in "transit".

The courier keeps their delivery charge as low as possible and DO NOT include insurance in their delivery quote, they do however offer optional insurance at a relatively small cost.

Based on our experience most people elect not to pay for insurance and assume the risk of not doing so.  So to be clear - if you haven't taken out transit insurance and the item is lost or damaged in transit then you are liable for any loss, if you have taken out transit insurance then you are covered.

As a default transit insurance is not included in your delivery fee, however you do have the option to add it when placing your order.

Historically we seldom have an issue with our freight getting lost or damaged. To avoid potential damaged or missing item disputes it's advisable for the buyer to check the condition of the goods on arrival (before signing receipt of such).  Also refer to FAQ  “Will my item be replaced if damaged in transit?”

Will my item be replaced if damaged in transit?

We will pay for replacement or repair of the item if lost or damaged in transit if you have taken out Transit Insurance.
We assess damage on a case by case basis. You must email us as soon as is reasonably practicable when damage has occurred to your product (not the box) while in transport. In your email let us know what the problem is. (photos, and/or written details of the damage i.e. is it aesthetic, torn, punctured , internal or mechanical).  Advise us if you have signed for the item or if you have already contacted us in regard to the matter.  Like replacements are a matter of stock availability.
If you haven’t taken out Transit Insurance you leave yourself exposed to the risk to replace the product if it is damaged or lost in transit to you. 

Where is your Product Display?

We have a product display for our range of Round and Rectangle Tampolines at 2 Currier St, Breakwater, Geelong, Victoria

(This display address is opposite our sales area at 80 Tucker St Breakwater)

See our contact page for current opening hours.

Can I try a trampoline before I buy?


We have a large range of Round and Rectangle Trampolines on display in Geelong, so if you are in the vicinity of our Geelong display we encourage you to try the different styles and sizes out. Bring the kids along to the biggest trampoline display in Australia. They will have a great time and you as the parents will know exactly which is the right size and shape for your family.

Can you hold a product for me?

We allocate stock as orders are generated (first in basis while stocks last).

We can also hold a product for a day or so in your name without a purchase commitment, while you contemplate a decision. This is dependant on stock levels at the time so please contact us by phone 03 5292 1100 to confirm if this option is available for the item you are considering, if there is no purchase commitment by the agreed time then the stock is automatically taken off hold.

Otherwise we can hold a product for up to 6 months for you via the Layby process.

What does the J or a Q beside an item mean?

The 2 letters “J” or “Q” simply indicate for us the different factory the original item has come from.

Some parts between brands and manufacturing factories are interchangeable and some are not as each factory can make their items in different sizes and specifications, on top of this we also continuously upgrade numerous parts, materials and designs.

This reference is for us and our existing trampoline customers to help work out what replacement item will be a suitable fit.

If you didn’t originally buy your trampoline from us then you need to go straight to the specifications of the item to be sure if the item will fit your existing trampoline.

How will I know when an item will be back in stock?

We regularly repurchase stock, when we do know an approximate date of arrival at our warehouse we will note it on our website in the product title line. Or you can simply email us to request that we notify you when the item is anticipated to be back in stock.

The item I received is different to what I ordered!

For that we are so very sorry! We invest time and effort to ensure all information regarding our items is correct, any errors are unintentional. We appreciate feedback if you notice any discrepancies or errors, please notify us for rectification.

Unless otherwise stated all dimensions are approximate.

Please phone us within business hours so we are aware of the situation and so we can start to rectify ASAP. Please quote your order number and delivery connote number.

Layby Payment Plan

What products can I layby?
All products are available to layby as long as the total order value of the products meets the minimum spend value.

Are items on promotion available to layby?
From time to time we may have products on special or have a promotional offer, these offers may exclude the option of layby or my have a reduced layby term, refer to the promotion detail at the time.

What is the minimum amount I need to spend to layby?
We have a minimum product spend of $200 (this excludes delivery costs).

What is the minimum deposit required on a layby?  
A 20% deposit is required; this is based on the product order total (this excludes delivery costs).
When the deposit is received the ordered stock will then be allocated to your name.

Ongoing Payments
Web and Warehouse has a totally flexible payment scheme for the balance owing, meaning you can pay any amount at any time that suits you or you can pay the full balance in one transaction at the end of the layby term. If it suits, you can change methods of payment along the way, e.g. Credit Card, PayPal, EFT etc.

What is the maximum layby term?
Full payment is required within 6 months from when the order is placed.
This however can be superseded if any products are placed on discounted/promotional specials during your original layby period. You then have the option of keeping the original layby term or if you would like the promotion to apply to your order then the layby’s conditions to the promotion will apply.

Cancelation of Layby
Cancelation of a Layby will attract a penalty fee of $25. This will be withheld from your refund.

Setting up a Layby via the Website
  • Add to cart the items you wish to Layby (you can view items in the Cart by clicking “My Cart” in the top right hand corner)
  • Select Checkout
  • Select Register account from the Left Hand Side of the Screen (Layby’s must have a registered account)
  • Enter details where there is a red asteriks * next to it. Click continue
  • Select your Delivery Method from the middle of the screen. If you are unsure which option is best, please contact us. 
  • Select "Pay using Layby Installments" to utilise the Layby system and select payment method.
  • Here you can adjust the payment amount to be above the minimum 20% deposit
  • Check your shopping cart and delivery fee. Add comments e.g. for delivery instructions etc
  • Click on Review Order
  • Check that all the details are correct..
  • If details are correct click Confirm Order
  • Proceed with Payment Channel selected.
  • If paying by Bank Transfer please use your full name or order number as a reference.
  • How do I make another payment and check my balance owing?
  • For registered users with a website order you can either:
    •     use the link in the original Layby order confirmation e-mail for quick access or
    •     go to our website and login, this will take you to your order page, click “make payment”
Setting up a Layby via the Phone

Please contact Web and Warehouse by phone during business hours on 03 5292 1100

We will ask for your details to create an account, alternatively, you are welcome to create an account prior and just inform us of the email

If paying by credit card, please have your card details ready

When to finalise the Layby
You can finalise your Layby at any time however it must be finalised within the Maximum Layby Term. Our recommendation is that you arrange for the item to be delivered about 2 weeks prior to requirement, especially if you request delivery during a peak period e.g. Christmas. During the Peak Periods the National Delivery Networks are at maximum capacity and an extended delivery time may occur. By having an early delivery it will also give you a chance to check that all contents of your order are supplied.

If you have any further question, please contact us directly on 03 5215 0450

Do your prices include GST?

Yes, all of our prices are inclusive of GST. You are not required to pay any additional GST component.

Do I need an ABN to purchase from you?

Not at all. You are not required to have an ABN to purchase from us - even if you purchase in BULK.

What Payment options are available?





Cash: Available if picking up direct from our warehouse.

Bank Transfer, also known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Account details are provided on checkout.

Credit Card: You will be pleased to know that we have a safe and secure website, our Credit Card facilities are through Stripe and NAB.

PayPal: We also offer Credit Card payments via PayPal on our website. PayPal has a reputation to be one of the world’s most trusted payment transfer companies. Please refer to the question "What is PayPal? for more information.

After Pay: Can be used as a Buy now, Pay later service. You will need a After Pay account to purchase and payments are made to Afterpay once purchase is made via. a payment plan. After Pay has a maximum order amount of $1,000.

Zip Money: Zip Money is also a Buy now, Pay later service however there is no maximum order amount. You will need a Zip account to make a purchase, fees apply. 

Money Order/Cheque: Please allow an additional 7 working days for these payments to be cleared.

COD: Not available.

When paying by Phone or Over the Counter, we will update your file and e-mail you the balance owingAnchor.

Is your site secure? I'm nervous about purchasing online!

We secure all of our transactions with an industry standard 128 bit encryption to keep your credit card and personal information secure.

Have a look in the URL address bar and you will see a green padlock and green https:// this is your proof a site is secure.

We are also happy to manually process your trampoline order for you.

Can I drop my return item off in person to your warehouse?

Yes. We are happy for our customers to drop off at our warehouse. Please contact us to arrange a mutually suitable time.

Can I return damaged items without the original packaging?

Yes, provided that suitable secure packaging is used you can still return the damaged product. Naturally we would prefer the original packaging provided if it is still in a functional state. Please wait for a confirmation email from us to see if we require the damaged item back or not.

Can I make a return for a refund if I made the wrong choice?

Refunds are assessed on an individual case basis.

The request needs to be communicated to us within 14 days of the purchase date.

Factors that are considered - if we have already;

  • bought in an item specifically for you.
  • held stock specifically for you.
  • prepared the item for shipping.
  • incurred or will incur 3PL costs.


  • Refunds or exchange will only be given after the item is in original, unopened, unused condition back at our warehouse e.g., no child drawings, domestic spills or damaged boxes etc.
  • Any delivery cost is excluded from a refund.
  • Any return shipping is at customer’s expense.
  • Any returned stock will attract an inspection fee.


Geelong Warehouse - We manage this warehouse inhouse, if the above conditions are met, we can arrange the cancellation of the order and a refund.

Sydney Warehouse - This warehouse is owned and operated by a 3rd Party Logistics company (3PL), we are charged for storage, picking, shipping etc. per order.

                  - If the above conditions are met, we will also deduct any pick, held storage and restock fees from the refund.

                  - As a guide: typical standard fees are $30 to pick, $30 to restock, we will confirm prior to any refund with the actual deduction total.

Brisbane Warehouse - This warehouse is owned and operated by a 3rd Party Logistics company (3PL), we are charged for storage, picking, shipping etc. per order.

                    - If the above conditions are met, we will also deduct any pick, held storage and restock fees from the refund.

                    - As a guide: typical standard fees are $30 to pick, $30 to restock, we will confirm prior to any refund with the actual deduction total.

Can I make a return for a refund if I have changed my mind?

Refunds are assessed on an individual case basis.

The request needs to be communicated to us within 7 days of the purchase date.

Factors that are considered - if we have already;

  • bought in an item specifically for you.
  • held stock specifically for you.
  • prepared the item for shipping.
  • incurred or will incur 3PL costs.

If these factors don’t apply, we can arrange to cancel the order for a refund of the purchase price less postage and a 10% restocking fee

Otherwise, sorry - no refund will be made if you have changed your mind about your purchase or no longer want it.


3PL = 3rd Party Logistics, this applies to stock originating from the Sydney and Brisbane warehouses. These warehouses are owned and operated by another company who charge us for storage, picking, shipping etc. per order. 


For Layby orders - any cancellation will attract a separate Layby administration fee of $25.

Warranty Periods

For Vuly Products refer to the Vuly website for their warranty cover 

For all other GeeTramp Round and Rectangle Trampolines refer to this table (valid on purchases after 23/6/21):

Trampoline ItemTerm
Frame10 years
Jumping Mat3 years
Springs3 years
Net2 years
Pads2 years    
Accessories e.g.
  • Anchor Kit
  • Basketball
  • Safety skirt
  • Weather Cover
6 months

Warranty Period commencement?

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase (full payment date).

What does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty applies to the Trampoline products sold by Trampoline Web and Warehouse for domestic use.The products come with manufacturing warranties that warrant the products to be free of workmanship and material defects for the period as detailed under “Warranty Period” (“the warranty”). The warranty covers the original purchaser only.

What does the Warranty Not Cover?

The Warranty does not cover:

  • Surface rust
  • Commercial use
  • Colour degredation
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Incorrectly assembled items
  • Re-assembly of warranty items
  • Misuse, abuse and accidental damage
  • Weather events such as high winds, floods etc
Tips to avoid the Warranty Not-Covered Items

All the items listed under “What does the Warranty Not Cover” can either be avoided, the likely hood of occurrence reduced or can be covered elsewhere.

  • Normal wear and tear can be minimised by completing regular checks, maintaining the Trampoline as required and using the Trampoline as per the Owner’s Manual.
  • The materials used to manufacture your Trampoline have UV protection in mind however UV degredation rates are dependent on weather conditions and the impact varies with your location within Australia, covering the Trampoline when not in use is beneficial.
  • Surface rust can usually be prevented by keeping the steel items insulated from direct earth, chemicals and longer term moisture contact.
  • The risk from damaging weather events are the responsibility of the owner, this can be offset by suitable home and contents insurance. A wind anchor system will help prevent damage in high winds but there are limits i.e. it won’t help much in extreme winds, (cyclone forces), if need be dismantle your Trampoline or move to a suitable inside building for these periods.
Tips to Prevent Voiding Your Warranty

Install, carry out Pre-Use Checks, Use and Maintain your Trampoline as per the Owners & Users Manual, this will also provide longer life for your Trampoline.

If you are missing your hard copy of your manual, please contact us and we can provide a PDF via e-mail to you.

How do I go about fixing a warranty problem?

All trampolines are packaged at the manufacturing plant with an appropriate level of quality control in place so it is rare for items to be missing or faulty, however if it does happen we will endeavour to resolve any missing or faulty part as soon as practical.

Any incomplete or faulty products can be potentially hazardous to the user so do not use this product until resolved, please contact us immediately.

When do I need to report a faulty or damaged item to you?

You need to contact us as soon as is reasonably possible.

We attach a letter with every item that we send out, in this letter we request, that if you have ordered the item early for Christmas or a birthday that you still open and check the condition of the items to ensure everything you require is there and in good condition. This allows time to rectify and gives you peace of mind. We are also aware that sometimes small details can be over looked at this stage and although we like to know within 14 days of receipt of goods we are understanding that it maybe longer before you actually assemble the trampoline.

Return to Base Warranty
  • We may need the faulty item back to the point of purchase either for assessment, exchange or for re-work, if this is the case we will need the effected items returned to us prior to releasing replacement items to you.
  • Any shipping is the purchasers responsibility and cost, however we are mindful to minimise unnecessary costs where we can so we will endeavour to resolve any issues without the need to use any shipping at all, this is assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Good quality digital photos can be used to help us assess the detailed nature and specifics of the problem.
  • The product must be returned in suitably secure packaging to prevent any damage in transit, (intact original packaging is ideal)
  • All defective or missing parts deemed to fit within the warranty will be replaced by seller free of charge, excluding any labour or delivery costs.
Is my item covered for loss or damages in transit?

We assess each issue case by case. Please contact us immediately if you experience any issues related to damage of items during transit. 

We will require photos of the damage and always aim to help you as best we can. Please keep in mind that once your order leaves our warehouse it is out of our control.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

We would love to offer free shipping but then again we haven’t found a courier yet who will do this for nothing, who pays for their labour, equipment, fuel etc? It usually means this cost is hidden somewhere else and some customers will benefit at the expense of others, for transparency and fairness we prefer a user pays system.

Can I organise my own courier?

Yes, you can arrange your own independent courier but the driver must come with paper work completed or you must have sent us paper work already completed.

Items will not be sent until paper work has been arranged by you or your freight company. You will need to notify us when the item is to be collected and which freight company will be picking it up.

Items are only released after the item has been paid for in full.  We recommend you try www.truckit.net for one of independent rates. Our box sizes can be found on the product page under the "Tab" Box Sizes. 

We will work in with the freight provider of choice and package on a pallet if required.

Can I pick up from your warehouse?

Yes, we welcome our customers to come and pick up from our Geelong warehouse, there is no charge. Our staff are very helpful and always happy to help.

We also have 3PL pickup warehouses in Sydney and Brisbane. These are run by courier companies that hold stock, so orders must be placed prior to collection.

Which delivery services do you use?

Depending on the size and weight we use Australia Post or a larger freight company, such as Toll, for our Australia wide deliveries.

Toll may additionally use other Freight Management services to co-ordinate delivery to you especially for some regional areas.

We also use several Geelong based freight companies for Victorian Regional areas e.g. Ballarat, Colac, Hamilton, Warrnambool etc.

I have a PO Box, can you deliver to me?

Because of the oversize/weight of most of our products we unfortunately are unable to deliver trampolines to P.O. Boxes or Private Bags. Please provide a physical address and we will deliver direct to you. If it is a small item e.g. small qty of springs, or a small jumping mat we can post but most of our items are over size for Australia Post.

When will I receive my order?

We deliver goods via national courier networks; they will need your street address (not PO Box).

We arrange delivery the next business day after you have paid for your item.

Metro regions delivery is usually within 2-6 days however please allow 7-10 days for NT and WA.

Our couriers don't deliver on public holidays, weekends or after hours.

If you are in Geelong region we often do deliveries ourselves and they can be arranged for after hours and on weekends. Call us to discuss your needs.

When will my order be shipped?

98% of orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours of payment. After we receive your payment you will be notified via e-mail as to when your order has been shipped, along with a tracking number and a link to monitor the status.

Can you speed up the delivery?

The delivery is charged on a basic rate and for a standard delivery time frame (which is reasonably quick) however if you need something on a more urgent basis by a specific date please contact us to get further options for you.

In general you should allow at least 2-7 working days for the order to be processed and delivered to you.

Couriers do provide the option for overnight express to most parts of Australia however the cost is substantially higher and therfore not usually used. 

Note: this service does delivery after hours and on weekends. If your order has already left our warehouse it cannot be switched to this service.

We can arrange delivery within 24 hours to most areas of Melbourne and same day to Geelong in many cases.

What do you charge for shipping?

We run a transparent shipping charge system, each item selected is costed out to your destination based on what the courier will charge,

You can get a shipping quote on the product page prior to comitting to any purchase.

You can also check the total order shipping costs prior to final comittment during the cart checkout process

See FAQ "Can you use your own courier?" especially if you think you can improve on the charge quoted.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship within Australia only. Contact us if you wish to arrange your own pick up, shipping paperwork and processing to your designated country.

However we cannot ship to the US as our insurance does not cover our products there. 

Do you offer shipping discounts for bulk purchases?

This depends on what’s in the order.  We pass on the costs charged to us by the courier and their costing is based on a cubic basis so as a general rule:

Trampoline sets - these cannot be condensed any further, so usually no shipping discount for bulk
Trampoline spare parts - if ordering more than one item and depending on the item we can certainly review how these are packaged and as a result we are happy to pass on any efficiencies gained e.g. we can reduce costs when combining a mat with a pad, or with a net, or with springs etc
NOTE: We can look at offering you a product discount on the items themselves if you are looking at ordering in bulk. e.g. a number of friends;  ordering multiple trampolines for delivery to one address.

Who pays the return freight if an item has to be sent back?

If we have sent you an incorrect item – we pay the return freight. For warranty claims it is on a "Return to Base" basis, the purchaser is responsible for returning the item and the seller is responsible to then return the repaired or replacement item back to you. If an item is faulty and the photos sent to us show a faulty item that we cannot resell or use we may not even request its return. If you ordered an incorrect size or have damaged an item it is your cost to return the item and pay redelivery of the correct item and any difference between the cost of the two items will be factored in.