It is recommended that you replace trampoline springs when they show the slightest amount of wear. If a spring was to break free when a person was jumping on the trampoline it could result in an injury of various degrees or death to the jumper.

Luckily, trampoline springs are inexpensive and easy to replace.

It has been found that hardware stores may have the same size springs but may not be of the same steel to ensure a long life as a trampoline spring. Be sure the springs that you do buy are specifically designed for use on a trampoline.

So let's get started...

  • Replacement springs
  • Gloves
  • Trampoline Spring attachment tool - Or use a spring or some other device - screwdriver to assist you to leverage the spring into place.
The Process
  1. Determine how many trampoline springs you need to replace. Inspect the springs. You will need to immediately replace any springs that show a slight amount of wear to prevent injury to jumpers.
  2. Measure the trampoline springs to determine the size that you need.
  3. You will need the measurements as follows –
    • Measure the wire diameter, which you can measure from the hook, as it is just the width of the piece of metal.
    • Measure the outside diameter as the actual width of the whole coil.
    • Measure the length from hook to hook.
  4. Purchase replacement trampoline springs.
  5. You can easily replace the springs on your own but if there are some helpers available make good use of them! Have everyone distribute evenly around the trampoline. It is best to replace the springs that are opposite each other at the same time to keep the trampoline taut.
  6. We suggest you wear gloves to prevent injury from the springs. Use a trampoline spring tool to pull and hook the spring to the frame. Inspect all the springs to make sure you replaced them correctly. Ensure they are engaged correctly into the trampoline frame prior to anyone getting on the trampoline.