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Suitable for all spring style trampolines.

This wind anchor kit has been designed and introduced to the market by us in response to customer feedback for the need for something more robust and better suited to the Australian conditions.

If your trampoline is exposed or even partly exposed to high winds the consideration to restrain your trampoline is a must. The weight of a trampoline is no insurance to prevent your trampoline from getting airborne, we have seen large and heavy (250kg plus) trampolines end up a long way from home, over fences, up trees etc.  Most wind anchors on the market should protect your trampoline from getting airborne in light to mild windy conditions, however, this kit will go a step further and give your trampoline a fighting chance of staying put in a lot wilder weather.

This wind anchor kit is relatively simple to install, with clear instructions to secure your trampoline to the ground. 

The wind anchors are set up neatly out of the way to prevent any tripping hazards.  

The ratchet strap system allows for easy release if you ever need to move your trampoline.

The GeeTramp Anchor Kit - Large is for looser soils compared to soils that are not pure Clay, To help determine which length kit (the Medium vs the Large) is more suitable for you, think about of how deep into your soil before a star picket will stay put while under a strong load. If you have really hard soil it may be too much effort to get a longer star picket into ground level, you need to aim for the star picket to be held solid in the ground while not left protruding too high above it. If you have hard compact soil the GeeTramp Anchor Kit - Medium will be more suitable.

The ratchet straps are designed specifically for outdoor trampoline wind anchor use, it easily connects the main trampoline frame to the star picket, the ratchet strapping is made and certified to load restraint Australia Standards AS/NZS: 4380. The LC (Lashing Capacity) of each strap is rated at 400kg with a BS (Breaking Strain) of 800kg

  • GeeTramp® Force
  • GeeTramp® Curve

4 x Heavy duty hot dip galvanised star pickets
4 x Star picket safety caps
4 x Certified ratchet straps
1 x Instructions

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