Are you looking for something for the whole family to enjoy? Looking to exercise more and get a bit fitter? Want something that can keep the kids entertained (on their own or with friends) all summer long? A kids’ trampoline could be a great option for you! Read More

Thinking About Buying A Kids Trampoline?

Here at Web and Warehouse, we stock a range of different sizes, shapes, and brands of kids’ trampoline (available to purchase online), and with our instore experts happy to talk through your choice, finding the best kids trampoline to fit your family has never been easier!

Benefits of Trampolining For Kids

If you’re looking to get your kids exercising while having fun or are looking for a low-impact exercise that the whole family can enjoy, trampolining could be the perfect opportunity for you! There are whole host of health benefits of trampolining, and with your kids busy trying to perfect their flips and tricks, they’ll never realise they’re getting healthier while doing it! 

  • Trampolining is great exercise without putting pressure on feet and legs – trampolining can burn more calories than jogging, without high pressure on joints. This means that you can exercise for longer without feeling as tired and reduce risks of joint and muscle injuries further down the line.
  • Trampolining can help to improve the cardiovascular system – trampolining is great cardio and can help to increase circulation, reducing risk of circulatory diseases including oedema and varicose veins.
  • Trampolining can help to strengthen bones, tendons, and ligaments – trampolining has been shown to help increase bone density, as well as strengthening tendons and ligaments. This can help to reduce risk of diseases such as osteoporosis as well as certain types of arthritis.

Rectangle trampolines can also help when training for a range of sports as the extra bounce height they provide can be beneficial when practising routines including flips and spins. This can help in a range of sports including; cheerleading, gymnastics, tumbling, dancing, gtramp, parkour, diving, and board sports.

Rectangular Trampolines 

Here at Web and Warehouse, we stock a whole range of GeeTramp rectangular trampolines, and with sizes including 10x17ft, 14x16ft, 7x10ft, 8x12ft, and 9x14ft, we’ll find one that’s perfect for your family and your garden.

For our rectangular trampoline, we’ve thought about what was great about bouncing on a trampoline in our own childhood, and what we thought could be better, as well as feedback from thousands of families. This led us to come up with our high bounce option for increased bounce height and endurance, as well as our Australian galvanized springs to provide higher response and perpetual bounce. 

All of our rectangular trampolines can be fitted with additional safety nets to catch wayward bouncers, as well as a wide range of additional accessories to maximise the fun! 

Find the Best Kids’ Trampolines Online with Web And Warehouse

A trampoline is a super exciting way to help your youngsters enjoy themselves and get plenty of exercise in their own backyard. Bouncing is a great cardiovascular activity that really gets the blood pumping - and it also serves to strengthen muscles and improve balance. What’s more, if you choose one of our sports standard models - our rectangular designs in particular - you can provide your kids with a safe environment in which to practice gymnastics and increase their agility.

So, whether your kids are budding sports stars, or you just want a little something different to keep them active and out of mischief, why not browse our great range of kids’ trampolines today? If your kids are training for any kind of sport or activity, a rectangular trampoline can go a long way towards improving your kids’ physical conditioning and skills - as well as being super fun!

Trampolines are used by high performers in a range of different disciplines, including Gtramping, acrobatics, gymnastics, tumbling, dance, cheerleading, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, parkour and plenty more besides. You can choose from a range of different sizes to fit your space, from 4 x 4 foot to 14 x 16 foot models. In-ground, netless options are also available, but most of our models come with a protective enclosure and soft padding to help keep youngsters safe.

For Backyard Fun

Our round kids’ trampolines are great for all the family, no matter how little or big they may be!

They’re a great way to keep youngsters occupied and exercised - and no end of fun games can be invented on them. In fact, we even offer awesome basketball sets to be used alongside certain GeeTramp and Vuly models for another level of interaction and skill-building. Our round models range from 4.5 feet to 14 feet in diameter, so you can choose the size that is perfect for your outdoor space.

Our Brands

We only stock products from the best kids’ trampoline manufacturers, including:

  • GeeTramp
  • Vuly
  • Plum
  • Mr Trampoline

You can also order spare parts and additional accessories from us to keep your trampoline functioning perfectly and decked with exciting features! Most of our trampoline frames remain under warranty for five years - but you also have the option to extend that warranty and ensure that your chosen product is covered for up to a decade.

How to Get Hold of a Kids’ Trampoline Online

You can purchase your perfect trampoline from Web and Warehouse by browsing our range, selecting your items and heading to the checkout. If you are purchasing multiple items, make sure that you choose products that will work together in terms of size and fittings. Check out each product’s description to make doubly sure.

Once you have your desired items at the checkout, you can either arrange for delivery or collection from any of our depots. In many cases, we will be able to get your chosen products to you by the next working day.

So, if you feel like a trampoline would be great for your family, feel free to come along to our store in Geelong to talk to one of our experts about which is the best kids trampoline for your family, or head to to order your kids trampoline online. With all our trampolines certified under the AS 4989:2015 Australian standards, in-ground and above ground options, and a whole range of additional accessories, what’s stopping you?

We have depots with trampolines in 4 major Australian cities including Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne & Geelong to enable our customers to buy trampolines online and pickup within 48 hours or have delivered Australia wide. Call 03 52921100

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