At Web and Warehouse, the safety net is not secondary to the trampoline itself. It needs to be as strong and durable as the trampoline to ensure safety. That’s why we put as much research into the trampoline’s extra parts and accessories as we do the trampoline itself.

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We have trampolines with safety nets for sale

Web and Warehouse are an Australian family business that know firsthand how difficult it is to buy a trampoline with all the safety features necessary to make you feel comfortable letting your children play on it. Our own children have grown up using a trampoline that did not have the appropriate padding or enclosure. That’s the problem we wanted to solve. We are committed to continuous research so that we can constantly improve the durability, function and safety of our trampolines and its parts. Our trampolines currently exceed the 2015 Australian standards, one of the toughest trampoline testing in the world, proving our commitment to our customers and in our mission to create affordable, quality trampolines.

Our trampoline with safety net is one of the safest on the market. We have gone to great measures to ensure this as we understand how important safety is, especially when it comes to your children. We have made it one of the safest on the market by ensuring it:

  • Is Extremely UV Resistant

As Australia is subjected to high UV levels (some of the highest in the world), we use only durable, high quality materials to ensure the safety and integrity of our netting system against a harsh outdoor environment.

  • Has A Durable PVC Sleeving System

The PVC material that we use is sewn directly to the netting allowing it to be securely attached to the net poles. The sleeves protect the foam around the net poles from the elements, ensuring that it doesn’t undergo any rapid deterioration and has a long life.

  • Has a Zipped Entrance

Our zippered entrance uses two zips, one going vertical and the other horizontal. This means the trampoline can be accessed easily by people of all shapes and sizes. The zips we use are heavy duty and are triple stitched into the netting to ensure its high strength and long life.

  • Is safe for fingers and toes

The holes in our netting are smaller than the pinky finger of a young child to make sure that all fingers and toes are safe! The net has an anti-graze finish and is resistant to tearing!

Why It’s Important to Have a Trampoline with a Safety Net

A safety net does exactly as it says on the tin – it keeps your child safe. This has to be the number one priority when buying anything, but especially something where they can potentially injure themselves. Having netting around your trampoline decreases the risk of falls while jumping, which then makes any injuries they could have had less severe. Installing safety nets has led to a huge reduction in avoidable injuries and even deaths from dangerous trampolining.

The netting doesn’t just protect you from falling from the trampoline, but also from hitting the frame and springs. These often come with less severe injuries, but those which can be easily avoided simply by having a safety net in place.

It’s not just having a safety net which is important, it’s making sure that the net is high quality and durable. Safety is paramount, especially if it’s young children playing and not thinking or knowing about the risks. You can buy safety nets separately from the trampolines if you need to, but it’s more cost-effective to buy a trampoline with a net as you know it’s the best-suited net.

How to Make Sure Your Trampoline is Safe

A net isn’t the only way to keep the trampoline user safe and injury-free. There are so many more things you can do to maximise their safety:

  • Safety pads – These stop your children from falling on the springs and frame and injuring themselves. They also keep the stitching protected from weather-related wear to keep it strong and durable.
  • Ladders – A ladder isn’t often included in trampoline sets, but they can really make them safer when getting on and off rather than having to crawl up or jump down.
  • Keep it maintained – Check your trampoline regularly for any rips, tears, or potential damage, especially before you use it. Damage can get worse with use and decrease safety massively.
  • Strong frame – This is important to keep the trampoline in strong shape. Bends in the frame can compromise strength and missing or loose screws can weaken the frame too.
  • Supervision – No matter how many safety features there are, children should always be supervised on a trampoline. Nothing is 100% injury-free, so an adult should always be there just in case.

Why should you purchase your trampoline from Web and Warehouse?

Not only do our trampolines with safety nets have all the features above, our trampolines have a number of safety features too. They are made to be able to last in the Australian climate and still have a responsive quality bounce, allowing your children to jump high enough to safely complete their flips and tricks. We are always honest and will go through the pros and cons of each of our ranges with you during a consultation process so that you have the knowledge to pick what is best for your family.

Web and Warehouse is Australia's best trampoline store that sells a variety of trampolines. We sell rectangle trampolines, round trampolines, children trampolines, backyard trampolines, gymnastic trampolines accessories and parts. Browse our website further or call us to learn more.

At Web and Warehouse, we have all kinds of different trampolines available for you to try with different accessories, from safety nets to shade covers and more. All of our trampolines are of the highest quality and we’ve got one for everyone.

Give us a call on 03 5292 1100 or visit our Geelong store where one of our knowledgeable teams can help you find the right trampoline for you. They’ll talk you through all the safety features you might want, with no pressure to buy or decide right away. Safe doesn’t mean boring, so your kids will still love their trampoline no matter what.

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