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Which rectangle trampoline is best suited to my child’s gymnastic skills?

 You'll find a suitable gymnastics rectangular trampoline here for your child – we will go over.. read more

How to choose the right trampoline for your family

Tips to choose the right trampoline for youTrampolines are a great way to have fun and exercise at t.. read more

Comparing round and rectangle trampolines?

What are the differences between round and rectangle trampolines and which one is right for my famil.. read more

How Much Do Olympic Trampolines Cost - compared to similar sized backyard trampolines?

If you are like many parents you have kids that are raving about the "you beaut" Olympic Trampoline .. read more

How to repair a trampoline net zipper

Broken Trampoline Zipper - No stress we have developed a relatively simple repair.To do this su.. read more

Buying a trampoline

Choosing a trampoline for your family takes some care and considerations. We step you through both round and rectangle trampolines and all the various sizes at to which one will best suit your family. Sign up here for soon to be released ebook with all you need to know about choosing the right trampoline for your family - due out end Sept 2019

  26-2017-10  |     Julie Mc   |    135032
Trampolines for Queensland with cheaper delivery

 Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Noosa Heads, Mackay, Good news for Queenslanders looking to buy a trampoline online, this Christmas (2018).We are trialling having 4 sizes of rectangle trampolines held in Brisbane .. Read More

  03-2017-10  |     Julie Mc   |    88218
What is GeeTramp®?

For 10 years we’ve been listening to customer feedback, noting our warranty claims year on year and focussed on ideas to improve, as a result we have enhanced the trampolines every year in some way.We have confidence in our p.. Read More

The best of trampoline sports - How different sports use trampolines for training

Trampolines are widely used for training in various sports – some are pretty obvious that a trampoline is used others you may not have ever considered... Read More

  22-2017-08  |     Julie Mc   |    160932

This is a very short article to address the one thing kids resoundingly declare as the number one thing they look for in a trampoline and that is bounce. (based on a survey of our Instagram followers who are mainly male and t.. Read More

  31-2017-07  |     Julie Mc   |    131942
Trampoline Questions From tramp and Parkour Trainers - Video Link

Recently we asked our Instagram followers what they wanted to know about our trampolines with the idea we would put together a short video. The responses was so great that we needed to separate the questions to make two video.. Read More

  26-2017-07  |     Julie Mc   |    135395
Web and Warehouse Sales Staff

Just an intro blurb about each of our sales girls so you know who you are messaging via email or talking to on the phHi one. We are a dynamic team where work happens, chocolate is consumed and social times are shared, creatin.. Read More

  09-2017-07  |     Julie Mc   |    173991
High Bounce Trampoline Mats

If kids tire quickly due to poor bounce from either the shape of the trampoline or the size of it compared to the child as a user; then considering a trampoline with a high bounce mat option or with options for different spri.. Read More

  30-2017-05  |     Julie Mc   |    197767
Why athletes prefer rectangle trampolines over round

When it comes to a preference of round or rectangle trampoline based on an in house Instagram survey we found from 67 respondents only three said they preferred a round trampoline. Round trampolines are seen to be more like a.. Read More

How much does a good quality trampoline cost? What is quality in a trampoline?

This is a great question and one that is asked all the time by everyone looking for a quality trampoline. Especially those who’ve had a cheap trampoline, often one bought on ebay from a bottom price seller or from a departmen.. Read More

  18-2017-04  |     Julie Mc   |    109075
Why our rectangle in-ground trampolines have legs

Our in ground trampolines can confuse people a little as they do come with legs and not just a frame as most do... Read More

  04-2017-04  |     Julie Mc   |    183074
Best cheer leaders trampoline reviews

It is by chance that the 14x16ft trampoline has become known as the Cheerleaders choice, although many families don’t have the space or budget for it. We have resoundingly found from kids testing at the display the kids that .. Read More

  04-2017-04  |     Julie Mc   |    204226
10x17ft - best outdoor trampoline reviews - parkour / free running

This is the most desired trampoline we have in our range for teens but it is also the one, that due to size or budget, is not possible for everyone to have.  With trampolines, it’s really about the bounce. Kids will use .. Read More

  03-2017-04  |     Julie Mc   |    169844
Gymnasts Choice - 9x14ft rectangle trampoline review

Thank you for searching out reviews to better understand the rectangle trampolines currently for sale in Australia. Our trampolines are the only rectangle domestic trampolines that do meet and exceed the current Australi.. Read More

  03-2017-04  |     Julie Mc   |    198687
Young Gymnast - 8x12ft rectangle trampoline review

Our 8x12ft trampoline can easily fall under the description of standard rectangle trampoline. Many customers when they see it liken it to the size they associate with being typical domestic trampoline either they ha.. Read More

  03-2017-04  |     Julie Mc   |    150008

7x10ft rectangle customer review - awesome the kids love it. Was quite easy to assemble the trampoline. Very well made and very sturdy design. Would definitely recommend to other  families.. Read More

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