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Which rectangle trampoline is best suited to my child’s gymnastic skills?

 You'll find a suitable gymnastics rectangular trampoline here for your child – we will go over.. read more

How to choose the right trampoline for your family

Tips to choose the right trampoline for youTrampolines are a great way to have fun and exercise at t.. read more

Comparing round and rectangle trampolines?

What are the differences between round and rectangle trampolines and which one is right for my famil.. read more

How Much Do Olympic Trampolines Cost - compared to similar sized backyard trampolines?

If you are like many parents you have kids that are raving about the "you beaut" Olympic Trampoline .. read more

How to repair a trampoline net zipper

Broken Trampoline Zipper - No stress we have developed a relatively simple repair.To do this su.. read more

Buying a trampoline

Choosing a trampoline for your family takes some care and considerations. We step you through both round and rectangle trampolines and all the various sizes at to which one will best suit your family. Sign up here for soon to be released ebook with all you need to know about choosing the right trampoline for your family - due out end Sept 2019

Rectangle Trampoline Review Australia - Well over one year after purchase

After deciding to get our 4 kids a quality trampoline for Christmas 2017. We narrowed our search to Web and Warehouse and Jumpstar. Now, fortunately, we have good friends with a Jumpstar so of course, we liked it and yes; it .. Read More

Choosing the right trampoline for your family - all the answers one click away

Never has there been more information online about trampolines. With over 25 years since round trampolines came to the market through department stores and all the experiences accumulated of talking with family and friends; t.. Read More

  18-2019-02  |     Julie Mc   |    50740
5 key safety checks to make when buying a new trampoline

A trampoline is a purchase that most families hope to only buy one to see their kids through; however it seems that often the purchase is somewhat misguided resulting in the kids not being happy with the bounce of the trampol.. Read More

  02-2018-12  |     Julie Mc   |    80610
Trampolines for Cheerleading - Australia

Cheerleading requires a lot of self-training at home. Self-training for cheerleaders means either doing a full body workout to gain strength or practicing your tumbles. This can be hard when some cheerleaders haven’t got the .. Read More

A Rectangle Trampoline Buyers Guide (with videos of kids, feedback after testing)

Kids are becoming more discerning as every year passes, we see kids who have a very clear idea of what they want from their trampoline and they are able to convince their parents to travel long distances to come and test our .. Read More

Why most trampolines fail the kids bounce test. Understand why trampoline mat and spring combinations matter to kids.

We know kids are repeatedly being disappointed by the actual bounce of trampolines no matter how much money parents spend on a trampoline. Quality high bounce is required for kids who want to use their trampoline for fli.. Read More

  22-2018-10  |     Julie Mc   |    103769
Australian Gymnast  - Trampoline Ambassador - Teirly

When I was young I started doing gymnastics and very soon developed a passion for it. The only gym close by is a very small gym so I have mostly taught myself all my tricks.As it is well known and common for gymnasts to train.. Read More

  07-2018-09  |     Julie Mc   |    147894
Comparing Rectangle Trampoline Sizes - With Declan Crowther

Declan is a customer of ours who is fortunate to have both our 10x17ft with high bounce mat and 9x14ft with high bounce mat and Aus steel springs. He is approx 40kg and is 13yo.As he has both and likes both for different reas.. Read More

  30-2018-08  |     Julie Mc   |    150376
Trampoline NDIS provider knowlege with personal experience.

As a new NDIS provider its an opportunity to express to families with kids of challenging behaviours or disabilities that you are safe with us and why. We want you to know our business is a safe house for kids with disab.. Read More

Which trampolines are the bounciest and why? It's all about the bounce...

Finding the trampoline with the best bounce for an individual or family is a bit like a goldilocks experience to find the just right trampoline. A couple of our trampolines to me feel like a rebounder; with a sort sharp .. Read More

  07-2018-08  |     Julie Mc   |    131214

Looking for a trampoline for kids is a little tricker than we all first think when we start shopping. Trust me I have been where you are and my research lead me to where I am in this business today.Through my personal experie.. Read More

  10-2018-07  |     Julie Mc   |    123838

This weekend July 14th/15th 2018 we in conjunction with @jump_nz we will be Auctioning via an Instagram post an 8x12ft trampoline used for only 8 hours at our 1 st ever New Zealand trampoline meet up.All proceeds from the Auc.. Read More

  04-2018-06  |     Julie Mc   |    173007
Trampolines In New Zealand For Sale

We are an Australian company, proud designer, importer and retailer of GeeTramp trampolines. With an active instagram account with a following from New Zealand parkour, Gymnastic, kids they often asked us to start in New Zeal.. Read More

Trampoline Review Australia - what to really look out for and compare

It is fair to assume you’re on a mission to find the best trampoline for your family. A lot needs to be taken into consideration, materials used, design strength, desired bounce, ideal shape or size for garden, budget and mos.. Read More

The benefits of a layby for a trampoline for Christmas, with Web and Warehouse

Trampolines are often the big ticket item and the big WOW factor gift for Christmas, often an emotional purchase that is the cornerstone of bringing Christmas magic to your Christmas morning.  So to help you prepare we l.. Read More

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