Web and Warehouse Ladder - 980mm

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Product Description

If your Trampoline doesn't have a Ladder.......

  • Kids can't reach to get on?
  • Kids using whatever they can find to climb on?
  • Sick of tripping over the milk crate or watching them stumble & fall?

Why not give them a safer option! ......

  • Our powdercoated metal ladder frame simply hooks onto the Trampoline Frame
  • Nice smooth flat rungs, ever tried the round ones? ouch!
  • The strong UV treated plastic is designed for the outdoors.

We stock a range of Trampoline Ladder Lengths to suit various Trampoline Frame Heights

This ladder is usually used for mid to larger sized trampolines, it is 980mm long and 300mm wide. To select the correct Length Ladder we recommend you check the Height of your Trampoline Frame and input into our Ladder Size Calculator prior to purchasing.

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