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Box Name Box SKU Box QTY Length Width Height Weight
M Flare Box A C10F01 1 123 cm 41 cm 19.5 cm 24.5 kg
M Flare Box B C10F02 1 118 cm 43 cm 14 cm 24.5 kg
M Flare Box C C10F03 1 49 cm 29 cm 8.5 cm 9 kg
M Flare Shade Cover A10FS1 1 55 cm 40 cm 11 cm 3 kg

Vuly Flare



Introducing the Vuly Flare, where safety, fun and affordability meet.

Flare infuses all the greatest Vuly features into our most affordable trampoline ever. It's safe bouncing for every family for years to come.


Super-strong frame

Rebuilt from the ground up with thicker T-joiner steel and features zero nuts and bolts.

Features strong, square joiners and easy assembly - it all just clicks together.

Vuly Ultra Framework
Fine and durable mesh

Forget entanglement or dangerous rips, with tightly-woven netting.

Super safe hourglass shape ensures no contact with the steel poles.

Vuly Ultra Safe Net
Dual Layer Spring System

There are two layers of springs. One on the top of the frame tube, and another on the bottom of the frame tube.

This gives great bounce for all age groups as light users will primarily use the top layer of springs and heavier users will activate both sets of springs.

Thick safety padding

Ensure utmost safety and UV-resistance with Bisonyl, which won't deteriorate early. Now with drain holes to prevent waterlogging and increase the life of your padding.

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