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Couriers quote shipping prices excluding transit insurance costs to keep their prices competitive. They rely on you opting into the insurance option. If you haven’t taken out Transit Insurance you leave yourself exposed to the risk to replace the product if it is damaged or lost in transit to you.

What transit insurance covers:

We will pay for replacement or repair of the item if lost or damaged in transit if you have taken out transit insurance.
We assess damage on a case by case basis. You must email us as soon as is reasonably practicable when damage has occurred to your product (not the box) while in transport. In your email let us know what the problem is. (photos, and/or written details of the damage i.e. is it aesthetic, torn, punctured , internal or mechanical).  Advise us if you have signed for the item or if you have already contacted us in regard to the matter.  Like replacements are a matter of stock availability.

It does not cover any damages that occur AFTER the delivery, such as water damage from boxes being left out in the rain etc.

This transit insurance ONLY applies to the following Web and Warehouse branded trampolines.

  • 8ft Round
  • 8ft Round (In Ground)
  • 10ft Round
  • 10ft Round (In Ground)
  • 12ft Round
  • 12ft Round (In Ground)
  • 14ft Round
  • 14ft Round (In Ground)
  • 15ft Round
  • 15ft Round (In Ground)

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