Buy your replacement trampoline net pole foams here! 

Net pole foams are made from high-density foam. This padding slips over the metal net poles of the net structure to help reduce the risk of injuries if accidentally landing against a pole. 

Over time you may find that these foams deteriorate with harsh weather conditions. It is best to regularly do a check of these foams to make sure they are still intact. We recommend replacing any damage or torn foams on your trampoline. 

For Web and Warehouse® and GeeTramp® trampolines: 

Small Foams suit:                                                  Large Foams suit: 

- 7x10ft                                                                      - 9x14ft

- 8x12ft                                                                      - 10x17ft

- All Curve (round) trampolines                             - 14x16ft

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