At Web and Warehouse, we provide trampolines with more of a bounce so kids will no longer be disappointed at the inadequacy of what they can do on their trampoline. They can now do their tricks and routines in safety, with the addition of a safety enclosure.

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Why you should buy a trampoline with a safety enclosure

Web and Warehouse are a company who imports and sells Australian designed trampolines. Trampolines have been part of our family life for a long time. After having our children grow up using trampolines that had no padding or enclosure, we wanted to create affordable and quality trampolines that had safety as one of its critical features which we are always striving to improve.

Some of our trampolines with enclosures

We have many trampolines that you can buy with enclosures:

  • GeeTramp Force 10x17ft Rectangle Trampoline – standard
  • GeeTramp Curve 8ft Round Trampoline
  • GeeTramp Curve 10ft Round Trampoline
  • GeeTramp Curve 12ft Round Trampoline.

The trampoline safety enclosure is such an important part of keeping the children safe and stopping them from falling out of the trampoline. This is why we ensure that our netting is one of the safest you can purchase.

The enclosures that we sell have a strong upper net structure so there will be no more sagging of the net. It is made from a UV resistant webbing, which means that it can withstand many years in a harsh outdoor environment against the UV rays in Australia. We have also made sure that it has small holes so that it is nearly impossible for your fingers to get caught. 

The durable PVC sleeving system has proven to be one of the strongest that you can buy. It is sewn directly into the netting so that it can be attached securely to the net poles. The sleeves protect the foam from rapid deterioration caused by exposure to the sun, giving them a long life.

The zipped entrance uses a heavy duty zip that is triple stitched into the netting for extra strength. For easy access, it has two zips, one vertical and one horizontal, making it easy for people of all body sizes to access.

Why buy your trampoline from Web and Warehouse?

Our trampolines have a responsive quality bounce that allow children to successfully do all their tricks and sports as they are able to jump high enough. All our trampolines with enclosures have safety features that have allowed them to exceed the 2015 Australian standards, one of the hardest in the world to meet. They are also strong and durable and built to last in the Australian climate.

We also don’t oversell our products. We tell you the pros and cons of our ranges and sizes through a consultation process so that you know exactly what to expect.

If you need any kind of help, please feel free to contact us. If we miss your call, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can contact us on via phone on (03) 5292 1100 or email us at

Web and Warehouse is Australia's best trampoline store that sells a variety of trampolines. We sell rectangle trampolines, round trampolines, accessories and parts. Browse our website further or call us to learn more.

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