Mr 10x17ft Olympic Elite Rectangle 2 String

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Product Description

Introducing the Olympic Elite Above Ground 2 string trampoline that's built right here in Australia by Mr Trampoline. The Above Ground trampoline does not need to be fixed into position, this means it can be moved to various locations on your property. The Above Ground can be converted to an In-Ground installation with some minor modifications later on if you choose. The materials used are with long term durability in mind, proven for decades in the harshest Australian coastal regions. This is the same mat and springs configuration you will find in the professional section of the bounce centres and gymnasiums, this because this is the trampoline that is used in these applications.
To ensure the mat is protected for out door use, the mat will come pre-painted.

Solid & Durable Frame

Bounce with the utmost confidence, the rectangular hollow steel framework is 100mm wide, 50mm high and 2.5mm thick, now that's some serious tubing! Fully hot dipped galvanising is done to the frame after all welding has been done, this strong frame is designed for a long life.

GeeTramp StringPro Frame
High Quality Pads!

To make your bouncing experience as safe as possible, the pads are wide (nearly half a meter). The foam insert is 20mm thick and made from  gymnastic grade EVA high density foam, the outer cover is made from 1mm thick high grade and durable PVC, its designed for long life out doors.

Mr Trampoline 10x17ft Oylmpic Elite String Mat
High-Performance Mat

The 2 string mat is hand woven right here in Australia, it has a long history of high performance use with long life in many applications, e.g. bounce centres, gymnasiums, high end competitions , similar to the Olympics etc. The string has a very high load capacity and the open weave allows ample air flow through the mat, for efficient energy transfer from the jumper back into the bounce.  The mat edges have stainless steel spring connectors for even load distribution and long life. The mat with normal use has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, with care and regular painting maintenance these mats have even been known to last 25 to 50 years.

GeeTramp StringPro Mat
Mat Painting

The mat will come pre-painted with a color of your choice, once a color is selected it will become the color for the life of the mat. The mat and pad color's should "contrast", this adds a safety factor for the jumper as it clearly differentiates the working surface while jumping. The paint provides high resistance to the Australian climate and the mat will last many years as is. For optimal long life its recommended to re-paint with the same color rubber chlorinated paint approximately every 3 to 4 years.  

Mr Trampoline 10x17ft Oylmpic Elite String Mat

The long frame rails are up to 5.2m long which is a notable consideration when picking up, transporting and unloading. Contact us for whats required when picking up or arranging delivery.  

Australian Made Galvanised Springs

Quality Australian wire for Australian made springs. These massive springs are 270mm (about 11 inches) long and 32mm in diameter to provide a high performance, smooth bounce that makes you want to keep on bouncing!  There are over 100 springs on this trampoline. The galvanised finish is for long life, these are the springs to use for a higher jumping response and the best chance for long life in the highest corrosive environments e.g. In-Ground use and coastal area's.

StringPro Springs

Product Specifications


Maximum Weight Capacity 250kg


Frame Size (Imperial) 10 x 17ft
Frame Size (Metric) 3070 x 5245mm
Frame Height, Ground to Mat Height - F 1025mm
Frame Tube Size 100mm wide x 50mm high x 2.5mm thick
Leg Tube Size 50mm Diameter x 2.5mm Thick
Leg Quantity 4
Steel Tube Finish Galvanised - Hot Dipped inside and out


Mat Size 2055 x 4175mm
Mat Material Terylene woven 2 string


Spring Quantity - Per Side 19 x 38 (+4 in each corner)
Spring Quantity - Total 114
Spring Length 270mm long x 3.15mm wire x 32mm coil diameter


Spring Padding Cover Blue High Quality PVC , 1.0mm thick for upper & lower cover
Spring Padding Insert EVA High Density Foam, 470mm wide, 20mm thick

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