01-2018-06   |     Julie Mc   |    243497
Geelong GeeTramp® Meetup June 30th and July 1st.

Our meetups are purely about giving you all as non-competitive an environment as possible; to simply meet friends, idols, followers, and new friends; that share the same sport and passion as you.We thank you all for being act.. Read More

  20-2016-04   |     Julie Mc   |    232218
Checklist to buy trampoline netting online

Read Before ordering a trampoline Net Trampoline Net, Safety Enclosure Online, - This is the netting structure erected on poles around the trampoline and secured to the trampoline legs, with an access point at an edge through.. Read More

  07-2019-10   |     Julie Mc   |    70606
GeeTramp Force Black Edition Trampoline Benefits

Here is some information on what the "Black Edition" trampoline means and when this model would be best considered when purchasing.Buying the wrong trampoline is common for several reasons, one reason is just buying a trampol.. Read More

  26-2019-06   |     Julie Mc   |    109301
Max McQuoid - Gtramp Ambassador and Athlete

I am a passionate freestyle trampoline athlete, I got into trampolining around 3 years ago. It was in 2016 which was my first year of high school.I got into it because I was enthusiastic about parkour at the time and so I wou.. Read More

  24-2019-06   |     Julie Mc   |    95333
Geelong Gtramp Training and Meetup

Sunday 7th July 2019Will cost approx. $45 for the Sunday coaches mainly. We will supply lunch as we always have along with drinks and snacks.Later families can take kids and pay independently to Supa Tramp for more of a frees.. Read More

  16-2019-06   |     Julie Mc   |    108689
Buying Round Trampoline Advice for Families

Round Trampolines are the Australian family’s backyard kids entertainer, as yards get smaller more and more families turn to a trampoline for their kid's fitness and fun. No other game or activity will consistently year on ye.. Read More

  05-2019-05   |     Julie Mc   |    131528
A trampoline that looks good and blends in the garden

Are you looking for a trampoline with bounce and that will look good in your designer garden? There are many trampolines in the market that are cool and vibrant but often deemed too jarring and bright by adults to have in the.. Read More

  26-2019-04   |     Julie Mc   |    141491
How much weight can a trampoline hold?

Trampoline weight limit has become a focus on what people search and ask about when looking to buy a trampoline.Also asking why do some trampolines that look similar have 50-100kg weight limit variance on the same s.. Read More

  15-2019-04   |     Julie Mc   |    134797

Of all the physical therapies Cystic Fibrosis kids must endure, bouncing on a trampoline is the only one that is fun. The simple act of bouncing is a highly efficient aerobic exercise which maintains health, helps clear the l.. Read More

  11-2019-04   |     Julie Mc   |    148284
Buying a rectangle trampoline guide 9x14ft

With this article and video, we are aiming to help you to choose the right trampoline for your family and to know which one of the 9x14ft will be right for them and will be the one to deliver “the smile”.  A 9x14ft is a .. Read More

Rectangle Trampoline Review Australia - Well over one year after purchase

After deciding to get our 4 kids a quality trampoline for Christmas 2017. We narrowed our search to Web and Warehouse and Jumpstar. Now, fortunately, we have good friends with a Jumpstar so of course, we liked it and yes; it .. Read More

  12-2019-03   |     Julie Mc   |    112242
WIN a Rectangle Trampoline and a Brisbane GeeTramp Meetup Ticket

Win a Rectangle Trampoline - And for many of our followers and friends will be keen to see an auto entry ticket to a meetup in Brisbane later in the year. Date to be advised.Angelorum College is a new independent school locat.. Read More

Top G-Tramp teens getting the jump on international freestyle community

​Jack Langdon of Nelson and Auckland's Fin Shannon are two of NZ's top freestyle trampolinists at the forefront of a sport that relies as much on social media savvy as acrobatic ability.Placing more emphasis on power than sty.. Read More

Choosing the right trampoline for your family - all the answers one click away

Never has there been more information online about trampolines. With over 25 years since round trampolines came to the market through department stores and all the experiences accumulated of talking with family and friends; t.. Read More

  03-2019-07   |       |    113073
8 Health benefits that a trampoline can provide

Trampolines are often just viewed from the entertainment perspective not as much from the health angle. The health benefits that kids or adults get from jumping on a trampoline is often disguised given that the activity is so.. Read More

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