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This GeeTramp Rubber Net Pole Cap is suitable for GeeTramp® Rectangle 7x10ft, 8x12ft & Round Trampolines. Generally sold from 2012 to current.

For earlier trampoline models, the net pole caps are used at the top and bottom of the net poles. For current trampoline models, the net pole caps are used only at the bottom of the net poles. 

These caps may also suit other brands with the following net pole specifications: 


The cap push fits onto the outside of a net pole with a 25mm Outside Diameter (OD)

- Depending on the net pole design the cap fits at the top and/or bottom of the net pole. 

- Designed primarily to protect the end of the net pole. 

Note: We recommend you measure the top of your net pole to ensure the cap will fit.  Below is a diagram of how to measure the pole. 

How to Measure your Net Pole to Suit A Cap: 

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