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Box Name Box SKU Box QTY Length Width Height Weight
T812-BOX-2155-A 2155-A 1 166 cm 41 cm 16 cm 59.7 kg
T812-BOX-2156 2156 1 137.5 cm 58.5 cm 37.5 cm 45.2 kg
T812-BOX-2157 2157 1 145 cm 45 cm 22 cm 40 kg
GeeTramp Net Pole Spring Clip – Small - Pack of 5 7380 1 7 cm 7 cm 1 cm 0.01 kg

GeeTramp Force



This 8x12ft rectangle trampoline is a great size for younger, lighter kids interested in Gymnastics or just bouncing! The 8x12ft suits families with averagely sized backyards and is typically considered a standardly sized trampoline. For smaller kids wanting the extra height to do flips and tricks, they may benefit from our high bounce mat, you can find here: GeeTramp® 8x12ft Rectangle Trampoline with a High Bounce Mat.

Standard Size Rectangular Trampoline

The 8x12ft trampoline is suitable for all ages, ideal for 6-14-year-olds and young gymnasts. The kids will love the bounce provided by our unique engineered curved frame design; keeping them outside and active by providing a safe and reliable source of fun, that will help keep your whole family fit and healthy.
Note: More experienced gymnasts commonly prefer the 9x14ft or 10x17ft trampolines due to the extra length to round out extended flips.

Exceeds Australian Standards

All GeeTramp branded trampolines are designed for safety and built to last. Australia Standards AS 4989:2015 are one of the toughest set of standards for trampolines in the world. We have done countless hours of research and development to ensure our trampolines not just meet, but exceed these standards.

Note: These Australian Standards are not mandatory so before purchasing elsewhere ensure the trampoline meets AS 4989:2015

Green Tick
Free Ladder

Get onto your trampoline quickly and safely with our ladder. Constructed out of a beautifully gold coated, rust-resistant steel that's very sturdy and will last a long time.

Trampoline Ladder
Strong Upper Net

No more sagging with the GeeTramp® upper net structure!

Trampoline Safety Net Weave
Mat - UV Resistant Material

The trampoline mat material is sourced from Tencate™ Permatron®, (Tencate is a USA based company). This is the most durable & UV resistant trampoline mat material available, all backed by our three-year warranty.

Trampoline Mat Close Up
Padding - the Safest in Australia

These pads are carefully hand-made and designed from the ground up with safety, durability, and long life in mind. Our pads feature a unique two-step foam that puts protection where you need it the most, (over the frame), also making it very water resistant - the water just runs off the pads and prevents excessive pooling.

Trampoline Pads Corner
Netting - Safe on Fingers

Made from a special UV resistant webbing that has small fingers in mind. The small holes in the net make it near impossible to get your fingers caught in - not like some other netting material.

Trampoline Safety Net Weave
Frame - Engineered for Strength & Extra Bounce

Our unique frame design is what gives our rectangle trampolines the extra bounce everyone desires. The long side of our frames curve out, this works with the springs to give users a nice, smooth & responsive bounce.

Show me more about this frame.

Rectangle Trampoline Frame Corner
Optional: High Bounce Mat

With this trampoline, you can upgrade to our high bounce mat which is specifically designed and tested to improve bounce. The 10x17ft is the Olympic size which gymnasts and cheerleaders love, so this is a great option if you're doing either of these sports.

Jumping Girl
Assembly Details

We have designed this trampoline to be as easy as possible to assemble, we recommend two or more people and allow 2-3 hours. Quick tip: view the assembly sequence to reduce the construction time.

Watch the assembly video

7x10ft Trampoline Assembly Details
Total Trampoline Height - T 2720mm
Ladder Type Steel Rung - 3 Step
Maximum Weight Capacity 150kg
Frame Size (Imperial) 8x12ft - (net pole structure sits outside this dimension)
Frame Size (Metric) 2520x3658mm - (net pole structure sits outside this dimension - ~50mm each side /end)
Frame Height, Ground to Mat Height - F 920mm
Frame Tube Size 50x2.5mm
Leg Tube Size 42x2.0mm
Leg Quantity 4
Steel Tube Finish Galvanised - Inside and Outside
Mat Size 1865x3090mm
Mat Material USA Tencate™ Permatron® Woven Polypropylene
Spring Quantity - Per Side 17x25 (+ 4 in corners)
Spring Quantity - Total 88
Spring Length 216mm
Padding Thickness at Frame Edge 50mm
Net Entrance/Ladder Location Long Side Only
Net Style Outside
Net Vertical Pole Quantity 8
Net Pole Vertical Tube Size 25x1.6mm
Net Material Woven Black Polyethylene
Net Height (above the frame) 1800mm (above the main frame)

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