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Bounce safely with a GeeTramp® net enclosure.

GeeTramp® has gone to great measures to ensure this netting system is one of the safest in the market.

  • Tough entrance with a durable zip
  • Proven long-term in Australia's conditions
  • Multi-woven non-laddering PE netting material
  • Fine mesh weave (so fingers don't get caught in the netting)
  • Thick PVC sleeves (fully protects the net pole foam from the sun)
  • Fits GeeTramp® Force 7x10ft (no upper rail) purchased between September 2009 - September 2013

If you're not sure if this net is compatible with your trampoline, contact us.

  • 7x10ft Net
  • 8 Poles (with foams and caps)
  • 16 Clamp sets (2 per pole)
Entrance (zip) Location

The net entrance can be positioned on the long or short side of the trampoline.

Force Net Entrance
Frame Size (Imperial) 7 x 10ft
Frame Size (Metric) 2134 x 3048mm
Net Entrance/Ladder Location Can go at the Short or Long Sides
Net Entrance/Zip Style Up and Down Zip
Net Height above the Frame - H 1800mm
Net Pole Sleeves Green
Net Pole Spacing - B 1048mm
Net Pole Spacing -A 1048mm
Net Pole Tube Size 28mm x 1.2mm
Net Style Outside
Net Vertical Pole Quantity 8

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