GeeTramp Force 7x10ft (8 Pole) Net - Q4

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Product Description


Bounce safely with a GeeTramp® net enclosure.

GeeTramp® has gone to great measures to ensure this netting system is one of the safest in the market.

  • Tough entrance with a durable zip
  • Proven long-term in Australia's conditions
  • Multi-woven non-laddering PE netting material
  • Fine mesh weave (so fingers don't get caught in the netting)
  • Thick PVC sleeves (fully protects the net pole foam from the sun)
  • Fits GeeTramp® Force 7x10ft (no upper rail) purchased between November 2016 - April 2018
  • Use Net Calculator to ensure you purchase the correct model and fitting for your trampoline.

  • If after using the net calculator you're not sure if this net is compatible with your trampoline, contact us.

  • Net only

Note: inspect your existing net poles and mounting hardware (clamps and foams) to ensure that they can be re-used as these items are not included.

Entrance (zip) Location

The net entrance can only be positioned on the either side of the trampoline.

Force Net Entrance

Product Specifications


Frame Size (Imperial) 7 x 10ft
Frame Size (Metric) 2134 x 3048mm


Net Entrance/Ladder Location Can go at either side, long or short ends
Net Entrance/Zip Style L-Zip
Net Height above the Frame - H 1900mm
Net Pole Sleeves Green PVC
Net Pole Sleeves Quantity 8
Net Pole Spacing - B 1035mm
Net Pole Spacing -A 1105mm
Net Style Outside
Net Material PE - Woven Black Polyethylene

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