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This is a genuine replacement mat for GeeTramp® & Web and Warehouse® trampolines.

Read before purchase

Purchased your trampoline from Web and Warehouse®?:

We stock replacement mats to suit all round trampolines we have sold, so if you have bought a trampoline from us we will have the mat. If you have any doubt which is the correct replacement mat then contact us.

Purchased your trampoline elsewhere?

For round trampolines it is very likely we have a suitable mat for you. Mat suitability is very sensitive to the sizes and locations of the various frame and spring dimensions so these need to be checked closely. This is done via the round trampoline mat size calculator. With the suggested accurate measurements inputted, it will recommend the correct replacement mat (and springs if required) without making assumptions or the need for trial and error fitment which eliminates the chance of unnecessary returns. 

Note: For replacement mats that are for non Web and Warehouse trampolines; we only release mats for pickup or shipping out once the round trampoline mat size calculator has been used. A mat calculation ID number is provided for trace-ability so please use the calculator prior to purchase.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Trampoline Mat Weave
TenCate Permatron®

This material is the same used in hurricane barriers! It features an anti-graze finish whereby the individually woven strands have a hot rolled flat finish. The fibres thermally Interlock for the ability to handle constant flexing, making it extremely durable, but yet soft on your feet.

Trampoline Mat Weave
UV Treated & Tested

Australia experiences some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world, this material has been proven for years and is backed by our three-year warranty.

UV Resistant
Six Reinforcing Stitches

There is no point having such a durable mat material if it's not correctly attached to the frame, we have six individual high strength threads holding the spring attachment points. Our spring attachment triangle have a beautiful gold finish coating that protects it from corrosion and ensures long life.

Trampoline Mat Stitching
Centred White Cross

All our trampoline mats have a printed white cross in the centre; gymnasts love this because when they're in the air, they have a constant reference point which helps with their orientation and safer positioning. Sounds simple, but it's very effective.

Trampoline Mat White Cross

  • GeeTramp® Curve
  • 1 x Trampoline mat (with spring attachment wires/triangles)

Note: springs and spring tool are not included.

Frame Size (Imperial) 8ft
Frame Size (Metric) 2438mm
Mat Shape Round
Mat Size 2015mm
Spring Quantity - Total 48
Spring Length 141mm

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