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 15ft Round Trampoline Net Enclosure Assembly

  •     Half round entrance with zipper  (Igloo style)
  •     Net poles that go all the way to the ground for extra stability
  •     Blue PVC Fully sleeved, slides over upright poles that have foam padding
  •     Strong and durable netting  made from a multi-woven UV stabilised material
  •     Non laddering weave so if you accidently cut a hole in the net it will not continue to tear
  •     If you only require a 15ft Round Trampoline Net with 10 Poles follow this link
  •     If you only require a 15ft Round Trampoline Net with 12 Poles follow this link

15ft Trampoline Net Enclosure Assembly Includes

  •     Full Round 10 Sleeved net enclosure
  •     12 Net pole top cap
  •     24 Net pole padding, 2 per pole
  •     24 Net pole brackets, 2 per pole
  •     12 Net pole bottom rubber stoppers
  •     12 Net poles, 1.2mm thick steel tube, heavy duty galvanised (24 half poles)

Prior to Purchasing  

Check the following and compare to the specifications tab above prior to buying;

  1.     Count how many sets of legs your Trampoline Frame has, (if your trampoline has 3 sets of legs the net you require should have 6 net pole sleeves)
  2.     Are your sets of legs evenly spaced?  (our nets have evenly spaced sleeves sewn into the net to go over the net poles)
  3.     Measure your Trampoline Frame outside diameter, this is the size net to order
Extremely UV Resistant

Australia experiences some of the highest levels of UV in the world, being a crucial component to safety we have used only high quality and durable materials. Our netting system has been tested and proven over many years against impacts and the harsh outdoor environment.

UV Resistant Trampoline Net
Durable PVC Sleeving System

Just like our padding, we use a very durable blue PVC material that is directly sewn to the netting which allows it to securely attach to the net poles. This system has proven to be one of the strongest around. There are many other branded netting systems that leave the foam that surrounds the net pole exposed to the sun, this causes rapid deterioration of the foam. Our PVC sleeves completely cover them and protect the foam for long life.

Trampoline Net PVC Sleeve
Zipped Entrance

The heavy duty zips on all our nets are triple stitched and reinforced with UV stabilised material to ensure high strength and long life. Some other branded trampoline entrances have a restrictive opening, our entrance has two zips (one vertical and another horizontal) this allows easy access for all body sizes.

Trampoline Net Zip
Safe Fingers & Toes

All of our nets are made from an incredibly strong polypropylene material. The stands are individually woven into a non-laddering weave that ensures the net is very resistant to tearing and has an anti-graze finish. To ensure that fingers and toes are safe, the holes are smaller than a young child's pinky finger.

Trampoline Net Close Up
Frame Size (Imperial) 15ft
Frame Size (Metric) 4572mm
Height Above the Frame 1900mm
Net Entrance/Zip Style Igloo
Net Pole Sleeves Blue
Net Pole Sleeves Quantity 10
Net Pole Tube Size 28mm x 1.2mm
Net Style Outside
Net Vertical Pole Quantity 10
Net Pole Clamps Qty 20
Net Material PE - Woven Black Polyethylene
Net Height (above the frame) 2830mm

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