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Australian made springs!

Australian steel, Australian wire, Australian made.

The spring hook ends are designed for frame edge attachment systems like wriggle wire. The spring end is not extended so doesn’t have the necessary clearance to fit into the holes of the conventional round tube backyard frames. (let us know if you need the extended hook end style so we can quote for you)  

What is the difference between this spring and the standard zinc coated springs?
The Australian spring wire is made according to AS 1472 (Carbon steel spring wire for mechanical springs) with high grade and high quality metallurgical properties from the required carbon, silicon and manganese content. This provides the tensile strength necessary for a smoother, higher bounce while enabling tough long life performance. 

The spring is made with the hot dip galvanising process, while not quite as aesthetic as the normal zinc plated imported springs the coating in comparison is thick which enables the proven extra-long life in the outdoors environment. 

As a general rule you would use these springs if your trampoline already has this style of spring because compared to the standard springs these springs stretch substantially longer and because of this the mat is sized to match.

Will suit many high performance brands however we recommend purchaser carefully measures their existing Springs to compare sizes prior to purchasing.

If you are missing even one or two Trampoline Springs you are best to get replacement springs to keep your trampoline in a safe condition. Once one Spring is out of action the Springs on either side take on additional load which leads to an increasing cycle of more failures. This also applies to the Jumping Mat attaching points so in addition to more Spring failures the Jumping Mat is also likely to have more points fail.

A = 218mm (8")

B = 20mm

C = 27mm

D = 3.15mm

Measurements can vary ± 2mm, between manufactured batches. Use sizes shown as a guide and please contact us if you need clarification.

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