Searching for parts for your Funtek trampoline?

I have been prompted to write this article by the increase of phone enquiries I have had regarding this brand of round trampoline.

I personally haven’t ever jumped on one; I have seen them in a sports store in a box and there is one I can see in a back garden near where I live. Something I do know is that spare parts are not available in Australia and this I find appalling service by the sports stores that have been selling them to their Australian customers. Especially since the Funtek trampolines are not sold at a cheap disposable price like a lot of department stores who also don’t give customers access to spare parts.

Where can you get authentic Funtek Trampoline parts?

From any online searching I have done and from communication with customers, it seems the replacement parts are only available in America. The cost of freight as you may already know to get branded Funtek parts to you here in Australia from USA is ridiculous.

So with all that said how can I potentially help you?

Funtek Trampoline Safety Net

The netting is the part I have had the most enquiries about and the most frustration people have had with the trampoline. We don’t stock the exact net but our standard net does fit both the 10ft and 12ft trampolines. I am unsure if they have an 8ft or any other bigger sizes.

Our net is a completely different design but when combined with buying the poles as well they will attach easily onto your Funtek Trampoline legs.

Jumping Mat

This I don’t know if we have a compatible match but the surest way is to use our mat calculator which you can find at this link. Trampoline mats across brands are the hardest part to typically match but our calculator does give a spring change option as well.

Spring Cover Safety Padding

The Funtek brand spring cover padding does have holes in it where the net poles slot into the frame which would mean cutting holes in any brand pads you would buy – which I really don’t recommend unless you have a means to stabilise the PVC so it doesn’t tear. If you are in need to change your net then getting pads at the same time would be a good move and our pads will then fit without any problems.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call me to discuss your needs.