Current status

  • Delivery orders (all warehouses): as usual
  • Click & collect orders (all warehouses): as usual
  • Phone & email support: as usual
  • Geelong store: open as usual
  • Geelong display: open as usual

Stock Levels

We have run out of many sizes and are low on what sizes we have left. We have experienced delays restocking due to the global impact of Covid-19. Manufacturing is in progress however the factory is balancing global demand and initial product quantities are less than what we have ordered. This means it will take several more months to progressively build up our available range that we normally have on hand. We are scheduled to get stock into Geelong first and then progressively into Sydney, Brisbane, etc.
Please see product page "Stock Location" for anticipated restock dates, these dates are scheduled dates, once products are actually shipped to us we can provide availability with more certainty.
Please contact us if you have deadlines and we will work as best as possible to achieve this. To avoid missing out when stock arrives, please contact us via phone on 03 5292 1100 to setup a Pre-Order. A minimum 20% deposit is required for us to allocate stock to you, the balance can either be progressively paid off or you can elect to pay the balance when the stock has arrived and ready for picking up or shipping out to you. 
Thanks for your understanding in these challenging times.