It's easy to buy a Trampoline online

and just as easy to buy the wrong one!

Let us help you avoid the disappointments of

   Poor Bounce
   Wrong Size or Shape
   Too Flimsy
   No support or spare parts

We can ensure you select the perfect trampoline for your kids first time.

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Which Trampoline is right for you?

Young Kids

Run, hop, skip
12ft Round - Most popular – ideal size when little to run, hop and skip but not too big when older and want to start to flip.
8ft and 10ft adequate for little kids but they do outgrow them so if you have the space and budget choose a 12ft for the big picture endurance for money spent.

Aspiring Athletes

When bounce matters
Rectangle best suits flips and tumbles
Standard bounce – replicates spring floor on the larger 2 trampoline sizes.
High Bounce – Ideal for Gymnasts/cheerleaders who like to train and to jump with siblings but use a spring floor.
High Bounce Au – Parkour / diving / Aerial skills for Cheer / trampolining / Board sports.

Inactive or Unfit Kids

Reluctant jumpers
High Bounce Au – Inactive or unfit kids who need all the encouragement and support to bounce. Easiest bounce option. 8x12ft, 9x14ft or 10x17

Young kids and to encourage long plays on own 10ft Or if with siblings 12ft

Restricted Space or Budget

We can help
Round – As big as you can go out of 6ft 8ft or 10ft. Any trampoline is better than no trampoline. Smaller trampolines are typically lower to the ground so take a lower weight capacity.
Rectangle – 7x10ft or 8x10ft - Allow for at least walking space around the trampoline

Budget woes
Often most expensive isn’t required and waiting a pay or two through our layby system or payment plan might just be the answer to get the trampoline best suited for your family.

Special Needs

Each child is unique
Call us to guide you with all the best options for you family needs. We are happy to talk to your childs NDIS support worker or Occupational therapist.

Heavy big user – Vuly Thunders x 14ft round – 10x17ft Low muscle and light weight – 10ft or 8x12ft and everything in between all are right for someone. Call us today.

How are we Different?

Web and Warehouse offer personalised trampoline solutions to engage kids in active outdoor play.

With years of experience with 1000s of families visiting our display has shown us how discerning kids are about their trampoline.

Leading us to develop a unique trampoline selector.

Use it to help narrow your options down. Simply select your kids ages, interests, abilities, and budget.

We Share Your Goals

We want exactly the same as you do:
For your kids to be happily and actively playing outside for hours on end.
Versatile Space

Happy Social Space
Space to jump, wrestle, flip, ballgames add accessories for, water play, sleepouts, basketball, and so much more …
Call us to be guided for what is right now and with the future in mind

Athletic Advantage

Upskilling at home
Develop skills with different sizes and bounce variations for Gymnasts, parkour, skate, snow or wake boarding, cheerleading, diving and kids who just want a great bounce for minimum effort.
Call us to know what features are right to give your kids the competitive edge in their training at home.

Special Needs

Tailored to you
Catering to kids on the spectrum, Cystic Fibrosis, and all varying ability considerations. A trampoline often is the only space where some kids interact positively with siblings.
Call us to avoid the disappointment of not knowing the benefits of different shapes and sizes.

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How to Have your family Playing Outside today

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    Place your Order

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The Web and Warehouse team can clarify it all for you

  1. We will listen to you outline your family dynamics and play goals
  2. Offer unbiased pros and cons as needed on products and brands
  3. Assist you in knowing what is right and why; for your family now and the future
  4. Transparent delivery costs, quoted on product pages
  5. All our products come from brands that honor their warranty
  6. All our manufacturers support their products with replacement parts
  7. Same day pickup avail for all items from Geelong Vic warehouse only.
    Some GeeTramp product avail for pickup in Sydney and Brisbane
Is it time to buy a trampoline?

You know it is time to get a Trampoline when

  1. The kids are jumping on the furniture
  2. Somersaulting or wrestling everywhere in the house
  3. Recommended to have for sports training
  4. Are inactive and health issues are a concern
  5. Complaining about their trampoline size, shape or bounce?
  6. We will guide you to what is the right one for your family
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The Web and Warehouse Promise to You

We will always serve you with respect and integrity
You are supported by us; before, during and after purchase
Save money now by purchasing the right product the first time
Helping you to care for the environment with spare parts available
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