Here at Web and Warehouse, we have the best selection of gymnast training equipment, trampolines, accessories and air track mats in Australia! Our products are the best because we only carry the highest quality of equipment, making it safer for you and your family. Air Tracks Mats are a must-have for those practising ariels, flips and tricks without compromising on safety. Practising with an air mat can minimise the impact on wrists and joints as well as reduce the risks of sprains, bumps and bruises!

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Looking for Air Track Mats in Australia? 

Buying an Air Track Mat can be very helpful to increase the safety in your home, but be sure to still be involved, supervise and to not let the added safety cushion spur recklessness. Even with the ability to practice gymnastics at home safely with an air mat, it is still important to supervise, but that being said, giving them the safe equipment to practice at home is a great way to show support of budding athletes!

Is it Really as Safe as Advertised?

Many websites and parents’ blogs have questioned the merit of practising gymnastics at home, with the general response of “gymnastics stays at the gym” being thrown around quite frequently. That’s simply not the case. The truth is that if practised with the right equipment (like an air track mat), supervision and attention to technique, it’s just as safe as any gym. If you’re willing to invest in some good quality gymnastic tumbling mats, you’ll reduce the chance of injury and minimize repetitive strain, while giving yourself or children the chance to practice in a safe, comfortable environment. The key is to do your homework and come to the professionals when you’re buying equipment!

We are pleased to only carry the best available gymnastics equipment on the market, and we are always willing to lend our years of expertise to you when helping pick the right choice of tumbling mat! We know that the best mats for home gymnastics and tumbling are inflatable rather than foam, which is why an air track mat is the best. They are softer on the body, provide a more supportive landing surface and minimise impacts to the wrists, ankles, knees and elbows. Inflatable mats are also easy to transport and store, and since they are sealed, they don’t require a constant air source which makes them silent and non-disruptive. They are also customisable, which makes them not only great for gymnasts but also martial artists, parkour enthusiasts and more!

Buy an Air Track Mat Online Today!

If you have any questions about any of the products we carry and which of them is going to work best for you or your family, or if you would simply like to start looking for the right air track mat online, please give us a call at 03 5292 1100 or email, we look forward to helping you pick the safest, most useful equipment today and every day!

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