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 17-10-2018   |    
Geelong Cup

Not everyone can go to the Geelong Cup so often they start Christmas shopping many do hit the shops and it is the reason we are open. Mums and dads can drop into the warehouse together without kids and see the display and have a chat about what their kids do on the trampoline, what sports they participate in and how social they are as a family.. read more

 13-10-2018   |    
New Zealand GeeTramp Ambassador - Aidan - His Story

A year or so ago I noticed GeeTramps being promoted on Social Media so I approached them to ask if I could become an Ambassador for them. I was extremely lucky and very excited to hear back from Julie at GeeTramp that I had been accepted into their Ambassador programme – and would be the first New Zealander also!I was sent a 10ft x 17ft rectangular netted trampoline. There was huge excitement from myself, my family and my friends when we set this up!I jump every single day, and I absolutely love it... read more

 08-10-2018   |    
Trampoline Shop Open 7 Days a week

Knowing families are hard done by for shopping time together at Christmas time we make sure we give you as much time as possible to research, phone us, email, and to visit our display with or without your kids. Every Christmas season our sales girls are aware of the importance of surprises and the magic of what Christmas is for families with little kids especially. You will find us as descreet as you needs us to be and allow you all to just "play in our trampoline park" with no sales chats at all, or we can chat to your kids about what Santa will want to know about the trampoline when they write their letter to him... read more

Ambassador @parkourAYCE - "Instagram" and "You Tube" Aussie Parkour Teen Flipper

I initially found Web and Warehouse when I was looking on Google for new trampoline brands. I reached out via Instagram direct message as they were seeking brand ambassadors at that time; soon enough I was super lucky to become one of their first ambassadors, they sent me a 10x17ft trampoline which was significantly bouncier than my previous round trampoline. After some months with the standard mat I was upgraded to the high bounce mat and change of springs... read more

 27-09-2018   |    
Spring School Holidays - Trampoline Safety Check Reminder

"Revamp the Tramp for Spring"Hey it’s Spring and the September school holidays are upon us already. I am writing this article is to remind owners of any brand trampoline to download our trampoline maintenance checklist, to check each part of your trampoline for any wear or damage. (The kids can do for you – If they are over 8/10 years old) If after checking your trampoline against the checklist you do find some issues, please warn the children not to use again until repaired... read more

 14-09-2018   |    
Win a GeeTramp Mini Trampoline

Calling upon you an active community follower,We are after creative, interesting videos of you, your family and friends. We want you to show us how you use your GeeTramp / Web and Warehouse trampolines for fun, training, or any other safe manner.Videos will be shared on our YouTube channel, through our blog and played on loop on our instore display... read more

 07-09-2018   |    
Comparing Rectangle Trampoline Sizes

Declan is a customer of ours who is fortunate to have both our 10x17ft with high bounce mat and 9x14ft with high bounce mat and Aus steel springs. He is approx 40kg and is 13yo.As he has both and likes both for different reasons I asked him to write a “review” comparing each of them for me which he did and for his efforts we did send him a Tee Shirt to say thanks... read more

 30-08-2018   |    
Trampoline NDIS provider with personal experience.

As a new NDIS provider its an opportunity to express to families with kids of challenging behaviours or disabilities that you are safe with us and why. We want you to know our business is a safe house for kids with disabilities and their families. We've had plenty of experience... read more

 20-08-2018   |    
Rectangle Trampolines Adelaide in time for Christmas

The current expectation for the Trampolines to be in Kidman Park, Adelaide 3PL depot will be late September early October.  We are encouraging customers in Adelaide considering a rectangle trampoline for Christmas to set up a layby now or if not possible certainly before November as we anticipate steady sales given how much more affordable it will be for Adelaide parents to get their kids a quality rectangle trampoline... read more

 08-08-2018   |    
Brisbane GeeTramp Meetup - Flipside Circus

Brisbane Gtramp Meetup OverviewThis is our second year of hosting GeeTramp meetups for the wider Gtramp community of flippers, gymansts, tumblers and parkour enthusists, all whom typically use a  garden trampoline for training. Albeit a little on the extreme side. So far we have hosted in Geelong 4 times and once in Auckland New Zealand... read more

Which trampolines are the bounciest and why? It's all about the bounce...

Finding the trampoline with the best bounce for an individual or family is a bit like a goldilocks experience to find the just right trampoline. A couple of our trampolines to me feel like a rebounder; with a sort sharp bounce, a couple of others I just don't bounce on on my own they're just too big or the bounce too soft or too hard. Then there are the three that I particularly like on my own, but just one favourite, and I have 20 to choose from! ​Julie .. read more

 07-08-2018   |    
Why this trampoline is a good size to buy for kids

Looking for a trampoline for kids is a little tricker than we all first think when we start shopping. Trust me I have been where you are and my research lead me to where I am in this business today.Through my personal experience with importing and talking with customers I soon learnt that "buying a trampoline online is easy but buying the wrong trampoline is even easier.".. read more

Trampoline to the rescue for kids with Autism spectrum disorders

From early on I knew there was something different about my sons. My first born spontaneously lashed out at other children. He was aggressive and attached to myself. He had ear infections constantly and he couldn’t speak as well as the other children. When my second son was born a year and a half later he constantly tried to hurt him. .. read more

 31-07-2018   |    
10x17ft GeeTramp Trampoline - Why teens love it

A GeeTramp 10x17ft is an Olympic size trampoline and certainly is a statement piece in any garden. It’s desired by many for its internal space that enable the performance of extended tricks and routines. Especially sort out by teenagers interested in Parkour or free running, passionate gtramp flippers, and regulars at trampoline parks. Also larger families tend to find it suitable if they do allow multiple users on at a time. @parkourayce @jessejankulovski @chadyatess @jyemainprize @seb_yusf @declan_crowther.. read more

Why Trampoline Web and Warehouse are sponsoring Cystic Fibrosis with B2B

With Bounce 2 Breathe being such a worthy cause, and aimed at our active customer demographic, it just makes perfect sense for Web and Warehouse to align our quality GeeTramp brand trampoline products with cystic fibrosis and the professional tuition team of flipside circus.The program is running only out of Brisbane during 2018. Ask your school if they are going to run the “bounce 2 Breathe” program with GeeTramp trampolines.Let me know if your school is doing “Bounce to Breathe” as I will attend a few of our followers schools when time permits... read more

9x14ft Rectangle Trampoline - Most Popular Gymnastics Trampoline

Due to design enhancements to mat, frame and springs the 9x14ft GeeTramp is a trampoline that even with the standard mat, gives little kids a rewarding and responsive bounce for height and is a great length to flip on.It's popular with a large demographic, including kids over 8yo who are after height and do gymnastics.It's preferred by kids who want height over space so even older teens who are up to 65kg and a touch above will choose this trampoline for achieving height. Additionally it is preferred by mums wanting to get fit after experiencing trampoline park classes.The high bounce mat will give the average user approx. 20% better bounce, popular with those wanting more height to achieve flips or who are light and petite... read more

Findlay Shannon Gtramp Athlete representing New Zealand in Denmark at the Gtramp Games

Since winning the tramp champ comp the one thing I’ve had to learn about myself is to have a better belief in my own abilities. I’ve also learned that when I am in the public eye it gets my adrenaline up and I can do things I didn’t think I could do. And I’ve had to learn that when you put yourself out there on social media you have to grow a thick skin... read more

 10-07-2018   |    
Instagram Auction for Rectangle Trampoline

This weekend July 14th/15th 2018 we in conjunction with @jump_nz we will be Auctioning via an Instagram post an 8x12ft trampoline used for only 8 hours at our 1 st ever New Zealand trampoline meet up.All proceeds from the Auction will go to @fin.shannon to assist him in his travels to Denmark to represent New Zealand in the Europe Gtramp.. read more

 04-06-2018   |    
Trampolines In New Zealand For Sale

We are an Australian company, proud designer, importer and retailer of GeeTramp trampolines. With an active instagram account with a following from New Zealand parkour, Gymnastic, kids they often asked us to start in New Zealand or at least ship to them. This was the true catalyst to look into the viability options of taking our business off shore. .. read more

 01-06-2018   |    
Geelong GeeTramp® Meetup June 30th and July 1st.

Our meetups are purely about giving you all as non-competitive an environment as possible; to simply meet friends, idols, followers, and new friends; that share the same sport and passion as you.We thank you all for being active followers of our accounts and many of you are our customers and we value your on-going feedback and support... read more

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