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WIN a Rectangle Trampoline and a Brisbane GeeTramp Meetup Ticket

Win a Rectangle Trampoline - And for many of our followers and friends will be keen to see an auto entry ticket to a meetup in Brisbane later in the year. Date to be advised.Angelorum College is a new independent school located at Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. To raise much needed funds for educational needs.. read more

 11-03-2019   |    
First Ever Female Gtramp Athlete in GTGames in the World.

For the past year, Greg Roe with several sponsors has been hosting events for the Gramp community to come together to compete and also learn some ways to do some things safer. By supporting a "freestyle" sporting community he believes he can influence athletes with safety awareness and ways to progress their skills. So with several events completed around the world, the results came out on Christmas day with who was on the list for the 1st GtGamesANZ to be held in New Zealand. On that list was an Instagram tag name that seemed a little too feminine and looking into the entrant's video I concluded she was definitely a girl. .. read more

Top G-Tramp teens getting the jump on international freestyle community

​Jack Langdon of Nelson and Auckland's Fin Shannon are two of NZ's top freestyle trampolinists at the forefront of a sport that relies as much on social media savvy as acrobatic ability.Placing more emphasis on power than style, G-Tramp is a combination of gymnastics, martial arts tricking and snowboarding techniques.A freestyle version of Olympic trampolining performed on backyard trampolines, it draws competitors from Europe, Australia, the Americas, and New Zealand.Instagram fuels the competitive streak of the worldwide G-Tramp community, with exponents sharing tricks online to boost their profile as well as meeting for organized events in NZ and overseas... read more

Choosing the right trampoline for your family - all the answers one click away

Never has there been more information online about trampolines. With over 25 years since round trampolines came to the market through department stores and all the experiences accumulated of talking with family and friends; there is still so much confusion for the consumer around Choosing the right trampoline for your family.Kids go to their friend's homes and jump on their trampolines and come home gushing about how wonderful it is yet don’t want to use the trampoline they have. Parents wonder why this is so.Parents; we know it is difficult to negate and sift through all the marketing to understand especially if your garden has the trampoline that is twice the size, price and looks amazing yet isn’t used.· Where do you go from there?· How do you decide which trampoline is right for your family?.. read more

 25-02-2019   |    
GTGames ANZ 2019 Results

It was an epic weekend and we are so glad we were there to witness Aussies and New Zealand Gtrampers meeting each other after being, long time social media friends. Observing the supreme sportsmanship on display was the reminder of why all the sponsors do what they do to support these kids. I doubt anyone watching not associated would have realized there was a competition going on, while each competitor was cheering each other on so genuinely in the name of seeing their sport Gtramp progressing and seeing what is possible, rather than focussing on their own chance of a win... read more

 18-02-2019   |    
5 key safety checks to make when buying a new trampoline

A trampoline is a purchase that most families hope to only buy one to see their kids through; however it seems that often the purchase is somewhat misguided resulting in the kids not being happy with the bounce of the trampoline, and parents not happy with the quality of the materials both meaning the trampoline isn’t the safest for them in the short or the long term.If this is the case for you then really take note of this article which will ensure that you know.. read more

 07-01-2019   |    
GTGames Australia and New Zealand 2019

Fri., Jan. 25 | Takapuna Beach Holiday ParkA big congratulations to all who got into the first ever Garden Trampoline Games for Australia and New Zealand. Quite an honor for all of you and even if you are unable to attend the games for whatever reason just know that you are in the top 50 of all age groups in both Australia and New Zealand. Feel proud and know you will be thought of in your absence over the weekend... read more

 02-12-2018   |    
Trampolines for Cheerleading - Australia

Cheerleading requires a lot of self-training at home. Self-training for cheerleaders means either doing a full body workout to gain strength or practicing your tumbles. This can be hard when some cheerleaders haven’t got the skills on the grass or a mat yet, or maybe they simply don’t have the confidence to be able to take the skill to the ground yet. Having a trampoline makes self -training at home 10x easier as, it allows the athlete to have more of a comfortable place to try new skills, and brush up on the ones that they already have... read more

 29-11-2018   |    
NDIS Provider – Trampolines | Australia

For many families, a trampoline is recommended for therapy for their children for a large range of reasons. Having supplied many trampolines through various local and interstate NDIS service providers we thought it was time we applied to be a provider ourselves for the direct convenience and service to our customers. We were certified an approved NDIS provider at the end of 2017 in all states except Northern Territory.Who can access NDIS?The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support to people with a disability, their families and carers. It is jointly governed and funded by the Australian and participating States and Territory Governments. NDIS replaces the current National Disability Agreement (NDA).. read more

 30-11-2018   |    
New Zealand Ambassador - Lara

I started gymnastics when I was 7 years old and continued recreational training until I was 11. It was about this time that I made my Instagram account @laraakkayaa (it was called @/gymnast_lara) On my account where I would post short edits (about 8-15secs) of me doing gymnastics/tumbling... read more

A Rectangle Trampoline Buyers Guide (with videos of kids, feedback after testing)

Kids are becoming more discerning as every year passes, we see kids who have a very clear idea of what they want from their trampoline and they are able to convince their parents to travel long distances to come and test our trampolines.The kids we see typically don’t want anything more than Bounce, safety, and space from their trampoline.We arranged for some local Geelong kids to volunteer for a date to come to our warehouse to be filmed both inside and outside on our range of trampoline. The task they had to do besides some jumping and tricks that were within their skill set was to give us,  total truthful feedback on their experience on each trampoline... read more

Why most trampolines fail the kids bounce test. Understand why trampoline mat and spring combinations matter to kids.

We know kids are repeatedly being disappointed by the actual bounce of trampolines no matter how much money parents spend on a trampoline. Quality high bounce is required for kids who want to use their trampoline for flipping. Kids benefit greatly by being able to achieve height with the least amount of effort so they can clear their necks easily. Having an effortless bounce on a trampoline means kids are able to stay out and play or train longer with the right sized trampoline for them before fatiguing. Taking the time to match your kids to the right trampoline will ensure they will use their trampoline, will reduce their screen time and may even save you a lot of money!.. read more

 15-11-2018   |    
Victoria A Gymnastic Trampoline Ambassador NZ

I first came across GeeTramp trampolines after seeing other Instagram tumbling accounts posting videos on them. My Instagram followers then nominated me to become an ambassador which I was very grateful for as their products looked amazing and the thought of sharing their products with my followers excited me.I was very fortunate to have been selected as an ambassador in the middle of 2018 and as a result, I was sent a 9x14ft rectangular trampoline with standard bounce... read more

 29-10-2018   |    
Mini GeeTramp Trampoline - Competition Winners

Winners Announced - 1st 2nd 3rd and runners up - congratulations all and thank you.An awesome day spent at the beach with the flip crew busting out some skills we've mastered onto mats and foam pits and now can take to the great outdoors. With the GeeTramp we were able to get enough height to pull off even double sideflips and Randy's like they were nothing! Next stop... a summer filled with Gee Tramp flips into pools, lakes and the ocean!!!.. read more

 26-10-2018   |    
Gymnast to Cheerleader - 9x14ft Trampoline Ambassador

I came across @webandwarehouse through friends of mine. Web And Warehouse is a company that specialises in various types of trampolines aka brand  GeeTramp. On social media, I saw boys and girls of my age go to meetups that Julie and Andrew (the owners of the company) held in their Geelong location and I wanted to join in on some of the fun myself! The opportunity to meet new people with similar interests and test out all different sized and shaped trampolines seemed exciting to me... read more

 26-10-2018   |    
Buy Trampoline Net Online Australia

Many replacement part suppliers, like Web and Warehouse, supply a “standard” net. The safety net is suited to a range of different trampolines, however, even if you are unable to meet the standard checklist for the netting, often, there are ways to enable our nets to suit your trampoline by then changing to a full net assembly... read more

 22-10-2018   |    
Australian Gymnast  - Trampoline Ambassador - Teirly

When I was young I started doing gymnastics and very soon developed a passion for it. The only gym close by is a very small gym so I have mostly taught myself all my tricks.As it is well known and common for gymnasts to train on a trampoline for the safety of having a safe place to fall. I had and used for a long time an old, rundown trampoline that I would try and practice tricks on but I didn't have a lot of luck as it had no net and I kept falling off so I was on a hunt to find a new one then I came across Web And Warehouse... read more

 17-10-2018   |    
Sydney Trampoline Shop

To collect your trampoline, you won’t exactly go to a trampoline shop in Sydney but to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) supply warehouse where the stock is held until purchased and then released for customers to collect in Caringbah or for delivery in and around Sydney Metro and regional NSW.. read more

 17-10-2018   |    
Geelong Cup

Not everyone can go to the Geelong Cup so often they start Christmas shopping many do hit the shops and it is the reason we are open. Mums and dads can drop into the warehouse together without kids and see the display and have a chat about what their kids do on the trampoline, what sports they participate in and how social they are as a family.. read more

 13-10-2018   |    
New Zealand GeeTramp Ambassador - Aidan - His Story

A year or so ago I noticed GeeTramps being promoted on Social Media so I approached them to ask if I could become an Ambassador for them. I was extremely lucky and very excited to hear back from Julie at GeeTramp that I had been accepted into their Ambassador programme – and would be the first New Zealander also!I was sent a 10ft x 17ft rectangular netted trampoline. There was huge excitement from myself, my family and my friends when we set this up!I jump every single day, and I absolutely love it... read more

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