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Which rectangle trampoline is best suited to my child’s gymnastic skills?

 You'll find a suitable gymnastics rectangular trampoline here for your child – we will go over.. read more

How to choose the right trampoline for your family

Tips to choose the right trampoline for youTrampolines are a great way to have fun and exercise at t.. read more

Comparing round and rectangle trampolines?

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How to repair a trampoline after wind damage

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 16-01-2020   |    
Awesome Trampoline Summer Holidays

Summer holidays stretch out before us again. With many trampolines received for Christmas new fun can be had with a bit of imagination. Trampolines have been for a long time a big part of Summer in Australia. We often talk to parents and hear how they want their kids to enjoy a trampoline as they did as kids. Jumping, ball games, and talking with friends and water play... read more

 16-01-2020   |    
Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre - Trampoline Display

We are fortunate to now have 2 locations in Sydney where you can go and test GeeTramps. As these locations are not our “shops” or have GeeTramp sales assistants there, both these locations are affiliated to us through business relationships in the case of Caringbah site - it is our freight company and Homebush location is because GeeTramp was the preferred trampoline for their garden Trampoline Competition with Circus Arts Australia... read more

 08-01-2020   |    
GTgames New Zealand 2020

The GTGamesANZ presented byGeeTramp and Jump NZ, in association with GRT Network and the FTA, is back in 2020 - January 24 - 25, in Takapuna Beach, New Zealand. For the second time, the #gtramp community in Australasia will have the chance to compete in the most prestigious competition of its kind.. read more

 02-12-2019   |    
Trampoline Pickup Until Christmas - QLD NSW SA VIC

We welcome our customers to come instore order and pick up from our Geelong warehouse on the same day, there is no charge. We also have a third-party logistics company holding our stock in Caringbah, Sydney - Pinkenba, Brisbane, - Kidman Park, Adelaide.. read more

 02-12-2019   |    
Why Should Parents Get a Trampoline for Their Kids?

Trampolines are often seen just as a toy, but there are many other benefits to enjoy when using one.Your kids will definitely love it, and as a parent, you will not have to worry about them not getting enough activity out of the house. In this day and age, where the TV and video games take priority to playing outside, having a trampoline is a great idea.. read more

 02-12-2019   |    
Pre Christmas Eve - Preparations for Trampoline Assembly

As parents, we love to bring the magic of Christmas to our children. We then often find ourselves assembling things like bikes, sand diggers, doll prams, swing sets, cubby houses and on topic; Trampolines, on Christmas eve.The first recommendation is once you decide on the gift - buy it or layby it..... stocks can run short unexpectedly early of colour or size you are after - we all want our first choice for our kids. (most of us, unfortunately, experience the disappointment of not getting it quite right at least once!).. read more

 02-12-2019   |    
Christmas 2019 Trampoline Delivery Deadline Australia

At Christmas most of our customers will be purchasing products in the anticipation that they will be delivered prior to Christmas Day, December 25th - Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday this year (2019) making Friday 20th the last day for receiving deliveries. Requiring the last of the orders to be out of our warehouse on and before Wednesday 18th for last-minute Melbourne or local deliveries... read more

 06-11-2019   |    
Family trampolines made to last - GeeTramp Reviews

These are the repeated quotes we get daily from frustrated parents.  "We got the kids a cheap big trampoline a few years ago and now they don't like the bounce"  "We are on our third cheap trampoline and this one in less than a year looks #@%# and already deteriorating"  "As soon as I finished assembling the trampoline the kids were complaining about the poor bounce".. read more

 03-11-2019   |    
Brisbane - GeeTramp Trampoline display- go and see and test.

Brisbane has a GeeTramp Trampoline display that our interested future customers are invited to go and see and test.The display of  3 rectangle GeeTramp trampolines, is in Alderley on the north side of Brisbane, at Flipside Circus.Our relationship with Flipside Circus began a couple of years ago as we were both invited to be key sponsors of the Cystic Fibrosis,  school fundraising, and exercise program. Bounce 2 breathe.Together, outside that sponsorship, we jointly hosted a Gtramp event in October 2018 with about 40 skilled trampolining kids from 3 states, QLD VIC NSW. The trampolines at the display are from that event as flipside decided they could use them as part of their circus school... read more

13 common trampoline problems to know and avoid before you buy

You will wish you knew these before you bought your trampoline - Are you struggling to find suitable parts for your trampoline? A very common frustration for unsuspecting trampoline owners. This problem can rare it’s head even within days of having the trampoline... read more

 24-10-2019   |    
Trampoline training styles

Choosing to work out using a trampoline has many health benefits. It improves flexibility, is great for cardiovascular health, helps improve balance and coordination and it significantly strengthens the lower part of the body. It also is a low impact sport and it does not have a great risk of wear-and-tear-based injuries. Of course, in some types of trampoline training, like cheer leading and gymnastics, neck and head injuries are a danger and this is why training should always happen in the presence of an experienced coach... read more

 24-10-2019   |    
Round Trampoline Reviews - GeeTramp Curve

Round trampolines became popular mainly due to the lower price point in department stores, but now there are higher priced and good quality options around as well adding to the confusion for people trying to work out what is a good product, against what is good marketing. Here are some reviews from our GeeTramp Customers... read more

 23-10-2019   |    
New Trampoline Showroom - Caringbah - Sydney

As of Thursday 24th October; we have two GeeTramp Trampolines on display in Caringbah - 2 of our most popular sizes GeeTramp Force Rectangle 8x12ft and 9x14ft Trampolines.. read more

 13-10-2019   |    
Trampoline Shop Open 7 Days a week

Family's find it difficult to co-ordinate shopping time together at Christmas time we make sure we give you as much time as possible to research, phone us, email, and to visit our display with or without your kids. Every Christmas season our sales girls are aware of the importance of surprises and the magic of what Christmas is for families with little kids especially. You will find us as discreet as you needs us to be and allow you all to just "play in our trampoline park" with no sales chats at all, or we can chat to your kids about what Santa will want to know about the trampoline when they write their letter to him... read more

 07-10-2019   |    
Choosing a trampoline for a toddler

Always keep in mind that children grow fast, so a mini trampoline may not be worth it, even for toddlers if you know your kids will want to continue having fun, jumping, after they are heavier than 25 kg A good trampoline can have a lifespan of 10-15 years; it is a good idea to get a trampoline with this in mind while considering, you want the kids to jump while they are little.. read more

 07-10-2019   |    
Why supervision of children on a trampoline is important

When installing the trampoline, the supervisor needs to check that there are no trees, cables, ropes, lighting etc hanging above the trampoline mat. Kids can bounce really high and getting tangled or hitting their head can lead to very serious accidents... read more

 07-10-2019   |    
GeeTramp to test in Byron Bay - NSW

We were lucky enough to have been invited by the Circus Arts School in Byron Bay as the preferred trampoline sponsor for their trampoline competition. We had a few trampolines at the event set up for use for the weekend and sold the spares to save families on shipping and then we left one up for use and classes for Circus Arts Australia. .. read more

 07-10-2019   |    
GeeTramp Force Black Edition Trampoline Benefits

Here is some information on what the "Black Edition" trampoline means and when this model would be best considered when purchasing.Buying the wrong trampoline is common for several reasons, one reason is just buying a trampoline on the aesthetics alone. The look of a trampoline needs to be balanced with the other factors – cost, safety, bounce, durability, standards availability of spares, etc... read more

 07-10-2019   |    
Trampolines  in Brisbane, Queensland with cheaper delivery

Good news for Queenslanders looking to buy a rectangle trampoline online. We have all 5 sizes and most mat and spring combinations of GeeTramp rectangle trampolines held in a Brisbane, Queensland warehouse. The warehouse where they are held is not managed by us but is a 3rd party logistics company (3PL) that is close by the Brisbane Airport, in Pinkenba.Our initial trial using 3PL in Sydney in 2017 was successful. Enabling us to action the next stage of our plan to increase our locations where we hold trampolines outside of the Geelong warehouse in 2018 and 2019... read more

 06-10-2019   |    
10x17ft GeeTramp Trampoline - Why teens love it

A GeeTramp 10x17ft is an Olympic size trampoline and certainly is a statement piece in any garden. It’s desired by many for its internal space that enable the performance of extended tricks and routines. Especially sort out by teenagers interested in Parkour or free running, passionate gtramp flippers, and regulars at trampoline parks. Also larger families tend to find it suitable if they do allow multiple users on at a time. @parkourayce @jessejankulovski @chadyatess @jyemainprize @seb_yusf @declan_crowther.. read more

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