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Choosing a trampoline for a toddler

Always keep in mind that children grow fast, so a mini trampoline may not be worth it, even for todd.. read more

Which rectangle trampoline is best suited to my child’s gymnastic skills?

 You'll find a suitable gymnastics rectangular trampoline here for your child – we will go over.. read more

How to choose the right trampoline for your family

Tips to choose the right trampoline for youTrampolines are a great way to have fun and exercise at t.. read more

Comparing round and rectangle trampolines?

What are the differences between round and rectangle trampolines and which one is right for my famil.. read more

How to repair a trampoline after wind damage

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Trampoline care & maintenance - so simple even kids can do it

A trampoline check only takes you a few minutes and even if parts need to be replaced, the cost will be much lower than that of getting a new trampoline. Plus, with proper maintenance you will never have to worry about the safety of your kids! .. read more

14x16ft Huge Family Trampoline Buyers Guide - Gymnast, Cheer and pure fun.

This 14x16ft, huge; almost square trampoline is the oh so social trampoline or the trampoline for large families who all love jumping together.It is a fabulous trampoline and we designed it for our own family of teen boys.But we have over the years found it to be an excellent trampoline for a larger range of kids... read more

 08-09-2019   |    
Trampoline Benefits for Cystic Fibrosis Families

Kids living with Cystic Fibrosis endure many treatments and pills daily, regardless if they have known infections or secondary illnesses.In their healthy state to manage CF; every day, 365 days a year and several times a day, they take handfuls of pills. I can only imagine how difficult this is on the kids themselves and their families to coax and encourage and watch them take their pills and assist them to do their treatments on days when they feel good and want to just be like their “normal” friends and siblings... read more

 Most Popular Gymnastics Trampoline - 9x14ft Rectangle Trampoline

Due to design enhancements to mat, frame and springs the 9x14ft GeeTramp is a trampoline that even with the standard mat, gives little kids a rewarding and responsive bounce for height and is a great length to flip on.It's popular with a large demographic, including kids over 8yo who are after height and do gymnastics.It's preferred by kids who want height over space so even older teens who are up to 65kg and a touch above will choose this trampoline for achieving height. Additionally it is preferred by mums wanting to get fit after experiencing trampoline park classes... read more

How one family uses a trampoline to calm their kids with Autism

From early on I knew there was something different about my sons. My firstborn spontaneously lashed out at other children. He was aggressive and attached to me. He had ear infections constantly and he couldn’t speak as well as the other children. When my second son was born a year and a half later he constantly tried to hurt him. .. read more

 26-08-2019   |    
Best Trampolines for small backyard and garden space.

With so many new housing estates popping up across Australia with an evergrowing trend of the house occupying a larger percentage of the land size; the result is, leaving families with small backyards and garden space than ever before. The request for small trampolines is a very common question from families with these small gardens who still want and need a trampoline for their kids... read more

GeeTramp Trampolines socially responsible to Cystic Fibrosis

We didn’t know what cystic fibrosis was, honestly, we were part of the vast numbers in the community who didn’t know the very big differences between Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis. This goes to show the struggles that Cystic Fibrosis has in engaging with the wider community... read more

 19-08-2019   |    
The best way to relocate your trampoline when moving house

Tips to move your trampoline. The main issue when moving a trampoline is that soon after a move the mat will give way; either tearing at the edges or through the middle in less time than had it not been relocated. With our tips, you can at least minimize the chances of this occurring. .. read more

 19-08-2019   |    
How to eliminate trampoline squeaks from the start

Having a squeaky trampoline can be very annoying. While your kids may not be that aware of the sounds, you will definitely want to avoid a headache each time the children go out to use it. The best way to ensure that you will not have to deal with the sounds is to take measures before putting together your trampoline. Here are some step by step instructions... read more

 11-08-2019   |    
Gtramp Meetup Tauranga

Inviting on all kids keen for a Gtramp meetup – All skills welcome, of any sport that uses a trampoline for training, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Parkour, tricking, Gtramp and anything else.A safe friendly supportive environment, and non-competitive... read more

 05-08-2019   |    
Buyers Guide for Large Rectangle Trampoline

A GeeTramp Force 10x17ft is the same size as an Olympic Trampoline but with a black Garden, trampoline jumping mat. Also has the options of three different bounce mat and springs options.In this article and video, we are comparing the bounce of Six Kids while giving their honest feedback on 10x17ft standard and high bounce mat. There is also High bounce mat and AU spring recommendations as well from our experiences... read more

 31-07-2019   |    
Byron Bay Tramp Games and Workshop

Byron Bay Tramp Games and WorkshopThis Winter Byron Bay TRAMP Games will host some of the best bouncers in Australia and overseas, offering local kids a chance to compete against them.Competition Date   Saturday, 24 August 2019, 9am – 4.30pmWorkshop -  Sunday, 25 August 2019.. read more

 27-07-2019   |    
Rectangle Trampolines in Casula, Sydney

Sydney is a city of many locals that have supported us for numerous years, so back in 2017, we set up a third-party warehouse and freight company to support customers in Sydney region with stock directly held in Sydney. Many suppliers say they have stock Sydney but don't. We do and the best bit is you can go after ordering to collect it.For 8 years we sent lots of trampolines to Sydney for Christmas and worried about the freight delivery timelines. Not anymore with the trampolines held in a Sydney warehouse, this provides a couple of new options to locals choosing a rectangle trampoline for their children at Christmas... read more

 27-07-2019   |    
How to save on Sydney trampoline delivery

Our full range of rectangle trampolines are held by a 3rd party logistics warehouse (3PL) - Hunters Self storage in Caringbah (NSW Australia). This warehouse will by the end of August 2019 be relocated to The Crossroads industrial estate in Casula. Hunter Express take delivery of our containers, unload them onto pallets and racking to hold until ordered online.  If it is possible and reasonable for you to collect from the depot then you will be saving up to $270 You can nominate delivery across Sydney and out of Sydney into NSW and QLD by choosing at check out “delivery ex Sydney” at a reduced cost than it is out of Melbourne... read more

 25-07-2019   |    
Layby a Trampoline for Christmas

As soon as a layby is set up we hold the stock in store for you at our Geelong warehouse or at any interstate if your product is there from the date of layby, including all Vuly products too (this way we can’t be caught out when Vuly suddenly run out of stock of any size and you have full peace of mind that on any day you decide you want to have your trampoline shipped or collected you can)... read more

 03-07-2019   |    
8 Health benefits that a trampoline can provide

Trampolines are often just viewed from the entertainment perspective not as much from the health angle. The health benefits that kids or adults get from jumping on a trampoline is often disguised given that the activity is so engaging and fun; the fact that jumping is exercise, is often not discussed or recognized. Regular jumping on a trampoline definitely comes with some great and lasting health benefits.  .. read more

 26-06-2019   |    
Max McQuoid - Gtramp Ambassador and Athlete

I am a passionate freestyle trampoline athlete, I got into trampolining around 3 years ago. It was in 2016 which was my first year of high school.I got into it because I was enthusiastic about parkour at the time and so I would practice my flips for parkour on the trampoline. However, as I got better at flips, I started to enjoy them more than I enjoyed parkour... read more

 24-06-2019   |    
Geelong Gtramp Training and Meetup

Sunday 7th July 2019Will cost approx. $45 for the Sunday coaches mainly. We will supply lunch as we always have along with drinks and snacks.Later families can take kids and pay independently to Supa Tramp for more of a freestyle trampoline session (wear a GeeTramp Tee for half price jumping)For those who don’t want to come to the training can just join up at Supa tramp from 2pm-4pm. (wear a GeeTramp Tee for half price jumping).. read more

 16-06-2019   |    
Buying Round Trampoline Advice for Families

Round Trampolines are the Australian family’s backyard kids entertainer, as yards get smaller more and more families turn to a trampoline for their kid's fitness and fun. No other game or activity will consistently year on year be played on and use up that small patch of the garden as well as a trampoline does. As kids grow, they play differently and use up energy from toddler beginnings all the way through their teens... read more

 08-06-2019   |    
FREE Trampoline Delivery Melbourne

You will find us with the biggest trampoline display in Australia, only a one hour drive south of Melbourne CBD - in Geelong. We are open on Saturdays and some public holidays. The proximity to Melbourne has us with Melbourne families making the time to travel to Geelong to see and test the whole range of trampolines. Often able to take the trampoline of choice home with them or leave it with us to arrange delivery the next week. We use a local courier service who can delivery AM/PM any weekday of your choice... read more

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